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11 August 2005

I don't want a fly guy, I just want a shy guy, coz a shy guy, is the kinda guy that can only be mine

It's time for a new post, I tell my PC.
Yeah. I don't think so, it replies.
Please? It's been really, really long. People are going to think I'm dead.
Um.. yeah. Still no.
What do I have to do? Beg? We never communicate anymore.
Look, I'm tired of working okay? I need a break. And so I'm taking one.
Fine then. No, fine. I'm just going to have to take other measures.
Oooh, I'm SO scared.
You'll be sorry. I'm going to cheat on you at work.
Oh, who're you kidding? The work slut will never give you the magic that I do.What magic? All you're showing me is cannot find server.
Yeah, well, it's sorta magical that I can't find the server.
I'm going. Goodbye. When you decide to stop faffing around, let me know.

And so reader, I write to you in snatches from the PC at work. Between work. So this post might be slightly rambly, because I keep getting up to do a hundred different things and then come back.

I woke up this morning in a strange empty house. Okay, well, not that strange, coz I was spending the night at Urvashi's, but you know when you're really really hungover and you've been having strange drunken dreams all night and THEN you wake up and your friend has already left for work and little people are playing tom-toms in your head and your mouth feels like you've inhaled the stuffing of a pillow, you'd probably feel a little disoriented, right? Luckily, Urvashi The Kind had fed me some very nice pasta the night before, so I wasn't hungry on top of everything else AND she explained the complicated tap/shower mechanism and she has all these cool Body Shop shower gels (Except for the Tea something which wasn't so nice) so I felt a little better then.We went to TC last night, which was why I was crashing at her house in the first place, figuring it would be nice to leave TC at the end, rather than leave at eleven like some sort of Cinderella, because my house is pretty far off. TC was FABULOUS yesterday by the way and I was wearing this top I bought myself in Sarojini Nagar (80 rupees, baby. I love Sarojini) and it was all low and cleavagy so I was most happy. Plus almost everyone I knew was there, including *tan-tara-tara* Luke! Looking most delectable I must say, damn that boy gets hotter each time I see him. And he's all slipping his arm around my waist and murmuring throatily into my ear and I'm so distracted by all this throaty murmuring and the scent of his cologne and the fact that my HAND is on his (very flat) stomach that I'm not paying attention to what he's saying.

And then I do. "So yeah, I love my girlfriend and she loves me and it's just WRONG if anything happens between us," he says. He's now running his hand up my arm and I look at him. "So we're JUST friends?" "I don't think we could ever be 'just friends' eM," he smiles and did I mention he's superhot?

So we spend a pleasant evening flirting madly and I notice cute younger brother of an acquaintance getting all chatty. But, dude, he's like NINETEEN and I'm practically TWENTY FOUR and this is wrong, which is what I tell him when he comes with me to the bathroom and then kisses me. I kiss back, sure, but despite being very, very drunk, I'm sober enough to be a little taken aback. And a little surprised at what I'm doing. This is so not me. I'm usually pretty reserved about this sorta thing and hello, eM, he's half your age, at least very much younger and he so only wants to sleep with you despite the fact that his eyes are all earnest as he talks of a "connection" and how "age is just a number." I pat him kindly on the cheek and leave. Really, what is WRONG with me? Am I turning into one of those women who's not happy unless she's with someone, anyone at all? I hope not.

And then Urvashi and I collected ourselves, drank a glass of water each and went home.

How was your Wednesday?


  1. sounds like u had a very nice wednesday :)
    i like this "I don't want a fly guy, I just want a shy guy, coz a shy guy, is the kinda guy that can only be mine"
    i think so too!~

  2. The title made me think, 'Don't want a fly guy!' Ah! Wondering, if there is more there! :)

    Also reminds me of this Erich Fried poetry, pretty good stuff:

    That I
    am much too old
    for you
    or that you
    are too young for me
    these are all
    weighty arguments
    that would be decisive
    in the workshops
    more enlightened people
    their calculated futures
    strictly to measure


  3. Just as I read the bit about the bathroom kiss, this song by Courtney Jaye comes on the radio:

    I want to be your lover
    baby but you can't behave

  4. Hmm... blogger is acting strange again. What did you do eM ?!?! Good thing I saved this comment huh !! :)

    My Wednesday she says. I was at work till 12AM (Thats midnight). Then I went home. To find that there was no power at home, because the mofos at the electricity supply board are just that, mofos. So I wallowed in the darkness for a while. The only saving grace was a nice shiny moon, a bottle of Fosters and incessantly barking dogs. And sleep.

    I would guess you had the better Wednesday, no ?

  5. Hey, eM, check out all the spammers, gurl.. I guess the more popular you are, the more spam you get..

    That said,

    "Nice blog. I have a site that sells useless stuff you will certainly need at some point in life. Please check it out. :-)"

  6. Why do I get comment spam even after I have disabled anonymous commenting, she asked plaintively.
    Anyhoo, moving on:

    dane's babe: Heh. Yeah, that song so seemed like it fit the occasion. I haven't heard it in YEARS though. And whatever happened to L-l-l-lies?

    primal: Thanks so much for the poem. I think it's brilliant :) And aren't you a smart cookie for analysing the header? ;)

    the box: Oooh, coincidence? I think not, baby. I forget what song was playing last night, but I'm guessing something pretty appropriate. He WAS a cutie though :)

    vignesh: Awwwwwww. Come to Delhi, come to Delhi. I can't gaurantee no power cuts, but I CAN promise exciting Wednesdays.

    jasmine: LOL. I don't know why there are so many pointless stuff type blogs these days. I mean, hello, am I EVER going to need equity? (Though the nude rap uncensored video sounds.. um... interesting?) :)

  7. Let's see. On Wednesday night I came in to work, answered a whole buncha calls, blogged a bit and went home, where I watched TV and went to bed.

    I didn't party in a club full of friends.

    I didn't have a superhot boy with a flat stomach murmuring in my ear.

    I didn't steal kisses in a toilet with a cute teenager.


  8. jay: Awww.. but then you have all these exciting parties with excellent food, no? And hey, why are you complaining? You have a BOYFRIEND, mister. :)

    penny lane: No, not IN the loo, coz that would be gross :P OUTSIDE the loo, near the stairs, against the wall. :)

    sharmini: Oh, I think the rest of the week is certainly getting better. If nothing else, I'm in a REALLY good mood these days :)

    tritteinin: I knew he was only looking for sex! Hah! So I can stop feeling bad for not calling him. Thanks, dude :)

  9. I read 'I don't want a fly guy..' and my imagination went wild :)
    What to do, sometimes I have a one-track mind!
    Have a nice weekend.

  10. How weird... always thought we would be so different, but on Thursday night I was thinking exactly the same thing ("Am I turning into one of those women who's not happy unless she's with someone, anyone at all? I hope not.") for similar reasons. It's all that alcohol I tell you...!!

  11. Funny post. Reminds me of myself when I am drunk!

  12. MIDDLE of the bloody week!!

    Your energy blows me away.

  13. s.i.m: Okay, one by one, shall we? :)
    a) Yeah, I suppose I should've. But look before you leap has never been my favourite motto. (NB: My most favourite motto is the grass is greener on the other side, because dude, it SO is!)
    b) I'm an only child. And therefore, no one's didi. And even if I did pretend to be Big Sister Of All The World, I'm still not taking responsibility for anyone else.
    c) No it probably isn't. I made it up. It's fun. :)

    sunrayz: Okay WHY is everyone giggling at fly guy? Am the only one not getting it? I just thought it meant like one of those playboy types.

    mangs: Really? I think we all (as in all single women) think that at one point or another. Mostly when we're flirting with someone we don't even know. Well, me anyway.

    sinusodailly: Thanks! Again, I think we all have similar incidents happen to us :)

    gratisgab: What to do, I need a little pick-me-up by Wednesday :)

  14. After ages of reading blogs and comments by the various m's and em's of the blogging world who made sure they told u were not 2 b confused with 'The em' I finally managed to find my way to ur blog. Ur blog seems like the unofficial guide to nightlife in what I am assuming is New Delhi aside from the going ons of ur wicked life, really enjoyed browsing thru it, will be bac.

  15. eM, I have this suspicion that our Simple Indian Man just MAY be an old acquaintance under a different name.

    And in a far more civil mood, of course, for which one should be profoundly grateful.


  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. Yes. Talk. Like. This. Non. Sententious.

    In other, more sententious news, yes. I don't think its only women who feel that way (what Mangs said). Almost everyone one I know, has said something similar. A whole lotta people go through it.

    Like I was telling you, even if freaking grief, we are not unique. How sad.

  18. *shudder*
    How could you write senteniously, of all things? Do, do discover the joys of being clausetious. :D

  19. Hey

    how about I am a shy guy... not a sly guy... Nat King Cole with it's sexy jazzy tune.

  20. why is that I mostly find myself leaving comments here on being wistful about TC? and wednesday night TC? and the landing by the loo now.....I mean you write a heck of a lot of interesting stuff, you kiss boys you think you shouldn't, you enjoy it, you break body parts, you find song titles, you go to SN (oh, SN....) and buy cheap tops, you drive, you het thoroughly wiped out on Wednesday nights, you enjoy pasta....
    um. nice post.

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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