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26 October 2005

I am

a shrinking flower
a maid empowered
chronically late
a wednesday date
weak in places
sucker for pretty faces
a silk cut smoker
afraid of my broker
assertive at times
terrible at rhymes
a loyal friend
a means without an end
sometimes very lazy
prone to being hazy
a nighttime daydreamer
a balcony screamer
a theme song singer
a doorbell multiple ringer
a feminine creature
a no-drugs preacher
a bargain shopper
a three pub hopper
sometimes good, sometimes very bad
at this moment, a little sad

post script:
Blog Quake Day.
Spread the word.
Desi Pundit and Indian Writing have good posts up. And the latest India Today has some pictures which you should look at. Especially one of this injured baby girl being fed milk.


  1. Girl, you're a journalist. ANYTHING you write is going to be good!

  2. smoke tarring up lungs
    organs dying inside, unseen
    an aberration deemed normal
    and mad profits!

    no hypocrisy
    in killing yourself quick
    with a needle
    he sold me a bag
    of white
    not a lifestyle

  3. I have so many posts to put up I think I need a vacation from work.

    That or I need to stop partying and drinking my neurons away and actually write the darned posts.

    Oh and I'm going as 'myself' for the Halloween parties this weekend. That ought to scare seem ;)

  4. no-drugs preacher ?

    What's that stuff in cigarrettes then.. milk powder ? :)

    Nice verse. Have linked you too. Your blog rocks.

  5. Thats a show girl
    Virtual fly girl
    when you are sad girl
    you can still make 'em smile girl!

  6. the rhymes are mumbling
    the rhythm stumbling
    but end of the day
    we all find our way

    prose or poetry
    ill always read thee

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  9. Hello,

    I hope you and your family are fine.


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