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18 December 2005

'Tis the season to be hungover

It's been ten thousand years since I last posted, dear Reader, and if you're still out there, I ask forgiveness. I'm really sorry, truly I am, but real life has been happening at such a frantic pace that it's hard to keep virtual life updated.

First of all, there was the birthday. Thank you all so much for remembering and sending kind thoughts and emails and all. But I haff one small question--how did you know what date it was on? Did I mention that somewhere? The birthday in itself couldn't have been better if I had actually sat down and planned it. I took the day off from work, went out for lunch to the Big Chill, where we used to hang out regularly in college. After which, the Kind Duck being my only friend who didn't have to khisko back to work, put on Pirates Of The Caribbean and we watched that, since (horrors!) I haven't really ever seen it. Dude, man, Orlando Bloom is so fine in this movie, and why didn't I realise this before? Sadly, though, the movie-watching was interrupted halfway by dreadful mewl from his cat, who had managed to get itself stuck in a neighbouring balcony.

Anyway. The evening was my party, which I had been planning for some three thousand years. I had this excellent outfit-- a black halter dress from Voi and new! strappy! shoes! I was most pleased with myself. And everyone got very drunk and at around three a.m, by which time the party had more or less wound up and we were sitting around drinking Bailey's shots provided by TTG (yay!) and Small managed to lock herself and her two friends out of her room (we have these press lock doorknobs, so if you're not careful you can lock yourself out). Much time was spent trying to crawl in through the teeny bathroom vent into the other bathroom, and finally, I pulled out my futon and we arranged some sleeping bags and they all slept in the living room.

TTG wasn't the only blogger at my party though. The infamous Gamesmaster has landed on Delhi shores and was there as well. We have been having energetic discussions on everything from what superpowers we would pick to pornography. :)

Oh, got a really good set of prezzies this year also. From the parents, a WorldSpace radio and the iPod nano, both of which I want to have babies with. And books. From Small, a new handbag, small and strappy and very cool. From Priya and her boyfriend, Randeep-- a beautiful handmade paper scrapbook and stationary. From Duckmeister, Pictionary! (which Small, her friends and I have been playing drunken rounds of) and from Dee, a new sweatshirt which says on the back, "I'm so gonna blog this!" :) As well as this hot pink top with Blogger on the back.
There were also assorted things like a pashmina shawl and a Marks and Spencers top, which is cut so low I have to keep checking if the ladies are still in the house. Good birthday.

The next day, after all this drunken revelry, was yet another round of drunken revelry, as you might've guessed, what with the Duck's book launch and all. Plus it was also his birthday, so there was another round of alcohol consuming, after which I almost collapsed with fatigue and sleep-deprivation and nausea on Thursday and swore I would never drink again.

We all know that's not going to happen, right? Just last night, feeling chipper and at peace with the world, after oversleeping like a bitch, I went for the Kapoor book launch thingie at the Habitat, where I *sigh* consumed more alcohol.

But my holiday begins on Christmas (nope, not going anywhere, just taking a sabbatical) and I will not do anything hectic. I will instead spend the time constructively and purely, working on strengthening my chakras and eating a lot.

I'm telling you.


  1. hmm..
    worldspace radio is an amazing gift.. hope your window/door/ventillation etc is facing south east for the satellite to 'see' your antenna. I had a hell of a bad time fixing it on my neighbors wall with the wire hanging out across the public corridor!

    Happy holidays.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, girl! I won't even ask how old you are now, because the number's bound to be like a fraction of my own and that would seriously depress me.

    I actually checked out the Duck's book on - it sounds fabulous and exactly the kind of thing I would read - but they only have the first book for sale at the moment. Have you read 'em?

  3. Now if only I'd been in Delhi THIS weekend, I could at least have danced on a Duck for his birthday.

    And belated birthday wishes to you, young lady. Hope alcohol continues to ease the growing pains.


  4. still there and waiting :(

    glad u've been having fun! me going home! yay yay!

  5. B'lated Happy B'day!

    [i had asked that b'day greetings be conveyed on my behalf on the day itself, and was told that they were]

  6. Does eating a lot strengthen ones chakras? Please defenitely keep me/us updated on the 'hows'!

  7. Belated happy b'day. Glad to know that u had a great day. Have a great year ahead.

  8. The good doctor has been bandying your name all over town...beware!


  9. i lurrrve my worldspace radio.. Thats the best gift anyone could have gifted to me... Day is incomplete without it..
    And cheers to the inebriated bday..!

  10. ttg: Now I couldn't let a compliment like that be unwitnessed, could i? :)

    kd: Actually, the worldspace guy came by and fixed it up for me, plus i have a window with a ledge and all, so it wasn't that tough.

    jay: i've read the first one, but not the second one yet :)

    j.a.p: awww.. oh, well, now that he's in your city, i'm sure opportunity will arise :)

    prerona: Yay! Home is here, but I'm got chuttti too!

    teleute: No one said happy budday from your side :( awww... now i'm all upset. (we know who to blame, no?) :)

    jemgal: Oops, I meant strengthening chakras in addition to eating not as a result of!

    neil: :) and btw, checked out your website, it's sooooooooo funny :)

    thanu: thanks!

    admirer: do elaborate. Go on, do :)

    rt: I'm fast growing addicted too! So far my favourite stations are Potion (soul/hip hop) and The Hop (oldies)

  11. oh to be __ and drunk!

    i'm not 21 so i can't drink yet.

    oh, who am i fooling, my friends and i get together and pop open a vodka or a wine and really enjoy, except, i don't like drinking. Except for wine. Everything else i've had leaves a bad taste in my mouth, literally.

    Am i weird??

  12. 'twas the duck who was supposed to convey the message :D

  13. Leep kiving gurl.

    (ah, I wus just browsing blogs, found yours, liked some of the strait shots you write.)

    — dax


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