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29 July 2006

What IS a wonderwall?

* So besides the rat in our kitchen, I think it's been a fairly uneventful week, as far as socialising goes. I get home, most days, by about eight and I'm in bed by like eleven. *sigh* It's so a sign of old age when you stop going out. Oh wait, dude, what am I saying? I have been going out, quite a bit actually. It's so a sign of old age when you forget what you were doing three days ago. Went for this new vodka launch at Capitol, which used to be a nice club in its heyday but now has detriorated sadly. Anyway, this vodka is called (and this is a true story) Magic Moments. Who on earth calls a vodka brand magic moments? I can understand Get Buzzed Moments, or even, Throwing Up Into The Pot Moments, but magic moments? But I guess throwing up into the pot is not something any alcohol manufacturer wants to bring to light. Though the dude, the head marketing guy, said this vodka was guaranteed not to give me a hangover. Really, I said, because by this time I had had three test tube shots and three Blue Lagoon type drinks, but he said as long I stuck to my limits I should be hangover free in the morning. Hmph. I could've told him that. Also went to (yay!) TC last night, after the longest time, where I also proceeded to get most drunk and spill my soul all over the table, along with my rum and coke. I do enjoy spilling my soul, I do.

* The weather has been so awesome in this city over the past couple of weeks. It's been raining like mad, my feet and head are usually soaked by the time I get into work, but it's lovely. I don't even mind when the electricity goes, because it's so cool, and I get to watch the sound-and-lightening show from my balcony. The other day, it was storming, early in the morning and there was this TREMENDOUS crash and Lily came running out of her room and I opened bleary eyes and we thought something had broken off of the terrace, right above our house, but when we looked down, we couldn't spot anything. It was quite scary though. I'm so in love with our balcony these days, I was watching the sunrise, one rainy morning, leaning over the parapet and looking out at the dewy wet city below me, with the first sounds of morning--birds chirping etc--and morning people waking up, and I felt this incredible sense of well-being, that is sort of hard to describe, but was a little like the Nescafe ad, you know where that chick is all drinking her coffee and stretching her hands out into the rain? Incidentally, the girl in that ad went to college with me, so it was odd seeing her on TV. I think the monsoon brings out my Inner Romantic and despite the mud I have to keep stepping around, I feel like singing all the time, and dancing around trees and so on. Weird.

* Though the terrrible thing about this general good mood, which seems to have descended on everyone I know, is that no one feels like working. Impromptu trip plans are in the air, everyone's either pulling out all stops during the weekends and partying themselves silly, or planning driving vacations to Neemrana or something. The summer is over, which is sad, because this year has just sped past but now my favourite season will be here in a month or two. I love wintertime. I BOND with wintertime. But, grah, that means only four more months of being in my early twenties, this year I officially reach mid-twenty-age and become a grown up.


  1. believe me mid-20s is the best age to be in. you arenot too young to be brushed aside by the elders...and you are not too old to be ignored by the teenagers

  2. the crash was obviously lightning striking your building/balcony, sweetheart.

  3. Did you name the rat yet and intend to keep it? Or is the VERMINATOR on his way??
    A domestisized rat on the shoulder would definitely make you the most talked about guest at every party you attend...

    I had a mouse brushing over my naked foot in the morning as I opened the kitchen door. Cardboarded my kitchen window immidiately after that encounter.

  4. yeah well, magic moments is the newest, and is certainly, nice.

    as for rats and the crashes, well rats will come, i hope the crashes, though , stop

    And winters are lovely in delhi, damn right

  5. I envy your weather..its soooo damn hot here (sniff sniff)
    And I love winters too...waiting waiting waiting...

  6. Have you noticed the sky nowadays? It's a blue so vibrant and beautiful with puffy white clouds floating about. I can't take my eyes off it when I return home.

  7. heyy..landed up on your blog by chance and writin bout "and id give up forever to touch you" (love the song by the way)... i gotta say im pretty blown away by the honesty...its so refreshing to read bout something so real (i shamelesy admit i'm not so open bout anything)...your blog name "the compulsive confessor" is aptly how youve written, well, pretty much everything! you could probably do this for a living...and especially the part where the girl comes up and introduces herself...a mindfuck is one of those rare forbidden that we get to indulge in every once in a while...

    will be back here often :)


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