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26 February 2007

The Farewell Fuck

A farewell fuck is when you say goodbye,

A farewell fuck is trying to not cry.

A farewell fuck is no messages on your phone,

A farewell fuck is worse than being alone.

A farewell fuck is with an old flame

A farewell fuck is no one to blame.

A farewell fuck is asserting your sexuality,

A farewell fuck rids you of morality.

A farewell fuck is minus the linger,

A farewell fuck is a fuck without clinger.

A farewell fuck is no cuddling after,

A farewell fuck feels very much like disaster.

A farewell fuck is not a stairwell fuck,

It’s an ere-well fuck, a way to say good luck.

A farewell fuck is how I’ll say adieu,

A farewell fuck keeps me reminded of you.

(something I wrote sometime last year, but rediscovered today, so thought I'd share. Not relevant, but still, good poetry, right? :))


  1. Aw, man. My boyfriend and I broke up this weekend and we also had a farewell fuck. Although I didn't know about it then.

    Even if it reminds me of him being an asshole - breaking up with me after sex - its still a good poem.

  2. nice poetry but also very well timed.. i just broke up 3 days ago.. and for some reason your poem helps. maybe because it so sounds like you've moved on.. :-)

  3. Great poetry indeed... irrelevant as it may be now, I can feel your pain when you wrote it

  4. This is truly a great one...For a variety of reasons I can so relate to it!!!Good post eM...I am sure this will put Mr. Wordsworth to shame;-)

  5. hilarious! captures farewell fucks perfectly.

  6. mediocrity written all over it.

  7. well, dont know if it was the intention when you wrote this but it made me laugh, not cos it was bad or anything, just something tickled...
    didnt feel sad and shit like it seems everyone else found it, now i feel all confused like im missing some point here. oh well..
    if it wasnt meant to amuse, you have my apologies, i just couldnt help it..

  8. Ouch! Spare us this IBIBO quality nonsense (or go post on IBIBO).

    Some sensible stuff please?

  9. ^ what. a frickin wierdo.

    and hey, pretty entertaining poetry!

  10. Your blog is cute and all but I’m sorry, this is the worst poem I’ve ever read.

  11. sigh.
    this is why i should stick to prose.
    oh well, it was immense fun to write, fuck is a very rhyme-y word. what exactly didn't you like about it?

  12. most folk dont know this, but the word FUCK is probably the single most versatile word in the english language..
    think of any sentence and theres any number of ways it can fit in to express a plethora of different meanings..luv it...

  13. @Dude - search for the speech by Osho Rajnish that explains the versatality of that word.

  14. Got it:

  15. hi eM, im going to ignore the poem for obvious reasons and just ask how the cats doing.

    tsk tsk, this is what happens when you don't chat with me for 3 days.

  16. Funny yet moving...sounds trite, i know i know!

  17. its been a year since i broke up wid my long time bf..still can relate to ur poetry..beautiful!

  18. I wish this poem didnt make sense to me!! SIGH!! Awesome piece of poetry coupled with the rarest emotion...I am on a similar verge.With the OH-SO-PERFECT relation,the word "Break-up" olwayz seemed unreal to me. But realtiy struck and this poem suddenly makes so mush sense to me.
    I must say it made me read the complete page. You are great with the pen(or keyboard).lolzz...
    Great wrok. All the best!
    Adi :)

  19. Oh my god --- ditched yet again !!

  20. Crap.. this poem could be an alternative for inmates on deathrow.
    its obviously very rhymish sort of a prose but believe me, if you read it yourself after a couple of weeks you'll see how friggin nonsensical it is.

  21. What kind of person shoots this poem down and says it's the, "worst" "crap" and "mediocrity" ???

    This wasn't written with the intent of being included with Chaucer and Frost.

    My review? The poem was entertaining. At times the poem seemed a little forced in it's rhyming, but the farewell fuck is always a little forced.

  22. I was being blind to the obvious...and you just opened my eyes...thanks so much em...

  23. haha excellent poetry....such a cute blend of reality and humour . I am a fan :)


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