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4 December 2006

What's been goin' DOWN, bitch? (Trans: my life this past week)

Hi! 'Sup? It's been a while, no?

> I'm back at work, now, over here in the Delhi office for like a month before I leave . It was bound to happen , I suppose, and I'm sort of glad it did, because I haven't been a journalist since September and I was very afraid that I had forgotten how. Although now, Day Two at work, it all seems to be coming back so naturally that I'm wondering whether I ever left at all. (Cue Hotel California here, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leeeeeaheeeeeve.) Anyway, so December as everyone knows is a nice time of the year and unfortunately everyone else seems to think so as well, so it's busy busy time for me, both professionally and personally. This weekend was super-hectic, let's see, I did Lodi on Thursday (which we will NOT speak of, because I was so very very drunk I swore I would never drink again, also because I don't remember much); a party on Friday (where I stuck to Coke all evening and realised that even when I'm not drinking, I have an astonishing capacity to talk utter and complete crap); um, out with two new people on Saturday (which was fun! I haven't met new people in some time) and a picnic on Sunday at a friend's farm. As a result, Monday is all bleargh and coffee deprived.

> So, funny TC story happened once more. (What would I do without TC, dudes? What would I blog about?) Anyway, I was chilling there on a Wednesday, not with my usual crowd, because I had gone with Small and another friend and both of them left before I was ready to, so, I hung around. And the nice thing about TC is that I know practically everyone, so there's always someone for me to hang out with. So, I was chatting with this one guy and telling him about the imminent move and so on, and how I only have like three Wednesdays left, and he goes, "You're moving to Bombay? That sounds rather familiar," and I'm like, "Oh, how come? Are a lot of your friends shifting there as well?" And then he says, "Noooooo," his eyes sort of squinting at me and then, abruptly, "Do you have a blog?" And I just died. Well, I knew someone at TC was bound to read it, I suppose, and I'm glad it was just one person who figured it out and so on, so good work Nancy Drew! And hello, by the way, since you do read this. I feel like such a celebrity, in a more nerdy, internet kind of way.

> I'll be out of town for a couple of days this week, because I'm going to (lalalalalala) Bali, which should be huge fun. And before I go, I need to organise a) packing (and I have SO much stuff) and b)a birthday/farewell party to celebrate the big two five, which I'm totally dreading, because my birthdays, while traditionally joyous occassions, always make me sad. Like New Year's Eve. Someone else should be throwing me a farewell party, no, she asked, hinting desperately.

> While in a way, I want this month to go by r e a l l y slowly so that I can have more time here, in Delhi, down the roads I know and with people I like, I also want to get my move over and done with really quickly, like pulling a scab off or something. I've finally decided when I want to leave also, on January 2nd, and lucky for me, many friends are planning trips there around then. I've, of course, unknown to Shark Tooth, promised boarding and lodging, but I don't know how many will actually show up at my doorstep. And when they come, we will speak in Punjabi and eat kaali daal. And I know, I know, I'll make friends, but the thing is, I've never actually had to make friends from scratch. I've always had a base, people I knew I could count on. It'll be good for me, and a lesson in character development, but it seems such a grown up thing to do, and I'm still looking around going, "Where are all the adults?"

That's all, I'm afraid. I promise more meat next time.


  1. Whoooopeeedoooooo!!! my second comment ...ever actually a first (go check comment 40 something on your last post for my first blog comment... kinda sad "morning after" sounding, i know..but whattoodoo.. Nancy Drew was feeling thrilled!!!)
    Just wanted to point out....YOU ARE A CELEBRITY, love ....if only in an anonymous, non "page3 snap" sorta way....Which is a good thing cos...We love you for your mind and not for your body!!!!(tell me women really dig being told that???)
    Hmmmmm....i guess that would be the fine line between fame and celebrity....being known for what you do rather than for what you look like!!!.....
    And lastly ...its going to take a reeeeeaaally long time in mumbai before you tell someone you've moved from delhi and they ask you whether you have a blog...THAT, i am afraid can ONLY happen at TC!!
    Cheers!!! (and Lodi was pretty good,huh?)

  2. Please dont go to that large sewer called mumbai!! Bebe. We luv you so (here)!!!

    Apropos madhatter's second or so comment "We love you for your mind and not for your body"

    Dont ye believe it. We luv you for that!! Only that!!! ;)

  3. Hullo bebe blue,

    Bouncy is leaving tonight. Benny in a few more and then I will be all sans Indians in this glorious city. What will I blog about?

    Mumbai will do you good. Having spent time here with Bouncy I've realised that you guys, especially the ones who never moved out of Delhi NEED TO ASAP. It will change you, improve you in ways that you cannot anticipate. So naturally I wish you all the best and of course you'll have no trouble making friends. The city isn't like Delhi in that sense, besides you'll meet new people at work, then through Peices and whatnot. At bars, in clubs, bookshops (the only strangers worth talking to), everywhere!
    And oooo Happy Imminent Silver Jubilee.

  4. Will you tell Iggy to email me please? I don't think she checks it too regularly. Thanke!

  5. Bombay belongs to everybody. So when you go there, you're never starting from scratch. Take it from a bombayite who came to bangalore and never forgave herself for it.

  6. Ah TC, thats a place that brings back many memories! Well its been many looong months since Ive had the pleasure, but soon, soon...

    Sounds like youre finally getting mentally ready for the big move? good for you, tak my word for it, Im a dilliwallah, but sometimes you just gotta get out and see the world as more than a tourist.

    Enjoy thy fame kiddo, stress not and feel happy that so many readeth thy words.


  7. Moving to Bombay - so far so great! (thats seems to be the case for most people)

  8. sooooo, i've leaving now, to pack and all, and put books into cartons to send with Shark Tooth when he leaves and i'm all whee! this has been quite a well-travelled year, i realise, both within and outside india. anyway, so till monday, adieu.

    madhatter: hmmm.. now see, while i LOVE being loved for my mind, i do, really, and there are times i love being loved for my body, would it be too much to ask to be loved for both? they're both quite nice. :) and yeah, that's one of the reasons i'm looking forward to bombay, the complete anonymity i can assume. no one will know who i am, lalalala. (be afraid, be very afraid)

    anon: i know, i know. there's the whole dilemma too. but i will be visiting at least like once every few months, so TC will never ever fade from this spot on the internet! (unless they seal it, which i've heard rumours about)

    hobo: are you sending back a new and improved bouncy? :) i know, dude, i need to do this and be all blase about living away from home instead of wide eyed and admiring. maybe someday i'll have the balls to do what you did and move out of the COUNTRY all together. someday.

    iz: i read your comment a couple of times, till it finally sunk in, and thanks! it makes me feel a little less lost. :)

    dude: really. are we still on the kiddo? considering i'm old enough to be your mother. hmph. anyway, ya, i need to be a non-tourist i suppose, but is there anything really so wrong with staying in the same place? some people do, you know!

    archster: thanks :) and yeah, everyone's shuffling around this country. my spot will soon be filled. sigh.

  9. eM would you reccomend being a journalist?
    like is there ever enoough money?
    Like I am expecting to bounce of serious advice from you!
    and Bali? You first go to egypt and then to Bali? Wow!!

  10. Oh no, not you too!! Don't wanna lose you to the dark side :)

  11. i'm looking forward to bombay, the complete anonymity i can assume. no one will know who i am, lalalala. (be afraid, be very afraid)

    We wait. With bated breath. >:)

    And what a coinkidence that the week i come over to Delhi from Bbay, you run off to Bali!

  12. judge for yourself whether she's an improved Bouncy. :) it really didn't require much balls to move out of the country bebe, once you make the decision to leave home it don't matter where you go next, just that you go. i was fed up of delhi so my decision was not so much to move to another city or move to another country but to move out of delhi. i just needed a non-medieval-minded space for a bit. fresh crowd, new city, new life and it gets lonely too but you just gotta learn to cope and enjoy.

    hobo (using benny's comp)

  13. ever heard of mr.sebatian dangerfield? well u couldve been him if u were a boy. but u r him even though u arent. this struck me when i read ur last post. but thats kinda old so i thot maybe u wont check comment sthere and so i put it here. look him up will ya.


  14. Relocation...initial discomfort...but always a chance for a new start...enjoy :)

  15. Hey, never said it was wrong, "theres no place like home" remember?

    Its just good to get a broader feel and since you ARE a writer, it always helps right?

    And you know, youve really gotta stop saying that, I mean for the love of god, youre barely a year and some older than me! Youre gonna make me feel old at this rate...
    And besides, I always figured "kiddo" was a term of endearment.. in a cheeky kinda way :)

  16. I can never understand how people can move cities. Its so tiresome

    don't switch to beta blogger with other beta whores.


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