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18 July 2007

Out, damn block

Where have I been?

With scout, who is in Bombay briefly. We're sorta having a chick blog conflab, well, nothing as organised as that I admit, but still, we're chick bloggers, we're conflabbing, let's just call it a really, really mini-blog meet. Yesterday, we got reasonably buzzed, today we will attempt to move beyond reason. Other factors that contribute towards me feeling good today (besides no hangover, and friendly company ie) is the fact that a comely member of the opposite sex (hi!) read my blog, and recognised it, even, when I mentioned what is was. What price anonymity, when you can flirt a little, eh?

I was accused at Melody's happy to you party, of writing entirely for an audience and not "doing any writing for me anymore" and while at the time, I sputtered a little bit and then said snottily and wimpishly, "That's your opinion" before I tossed my head and looked away, I realised the next day (by which time it was too late) that really what I should have said was duh.

Of course I write for an audience. I blog. If I didn't want an audience, I would journal. (Which I do, but trust me, a week of that writing and you'd be begging me to go back to the sex already). And any blogger who tells you they write for themselves is totally lying. Unfortunately, the problem with this is that when you're blocked, like I am at the moment, words are just not forming at my fingertips like they normally do, you feel this sort of panic to update, and immense and utter frustration at not being able to get the words out.

So, even though I've been busy and I've had a lovely weekend, and I have a new favourite club, I can't seem to summon up the appropriate enthusiasm all these things rightly deserve. Just basic writer's block, nothing to get anxious about, but I'm going to update this later, when the need to spill is back. Later this week, I promise.


  1. All i have to write is to mention a quote of Laurence Olivier - Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

    well it sums up either write or be written about

  2. Melody is very happy you came for her happy to you party, hope you enjoyed yourself muchly.

    Must meet up soon again! Cheers!

  3. I find it completely ludicrous when people say that you have been writing for audience and not for yourself. They fail to see that the audience exists because of you, and your writing, and not the other way around. The audience reads what you make them read; your writing is not dictated by their whims and capriciousness. While Freudian analysts (like me) might argue that sub-consciously every writer is affected by the audience it curtails to. Yes, one is, but to a certain extent. As, if one becomes too much influenced by the view point of the audience, he/she can’t continue writing for much long. And by the look of things you have been doing quite well for the past 4 years. Writing is all about instincts and spontaneity, the day you fetter these, writing becomes highly cumbersome routine and not a pleasurable orgasm. No doubt your opinions about certain issues, your perspective about life would have changed with time, and they in turn would have influenced your writing style but that is so very natural. And to equate that change with writing for audience is incomprehensibly farcical. I completely accede that we do write for recognition and approbation. We do want our comments section to swell like a gargantuan water-melon. But I still prefer that people who actually comment on my blog should be able to relate to what I’ve written. Maybe, that’s why I wasn’t part of your audience till now, as in my last four-five visits to your blog I could never relate to what you wrote. However, this time I could.

  4. What i wanna know is, when is the book coming out?....:)

  5. lil eM.. your problem is that you exist in a well with an exposure to a very limited type of crowd...and you think what holds true for that lot holds true for the world. you say the silliest things sometimes..

  6. would be nice if you responded to this -

  7. writer's block?? doncha worry.. you'll wrok your way out.. till just put up your feet and relax!! :)

  8. agree with u completely. blogging is but writing for an audience. duh!

    - Sudha

  9. To live n die
    By a comment's, `Sigh'
    To sway public crowds, I slog,
    On my private blog.

    Keep writing!

  10. twas my 25th birthday yesterday and yes, I was at home surfing the internet. (to be fair, i was waiting till saturday for the celebration) Saw your blog for the first time and I had a great time reading it. I don't know much about blog etiquette....Is it creepy to read a random persons blog?
    Anyway, its a damn good read.

    P.S. does that albert guy usually post such loquacious (read: obnoxious and boring) comments?


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