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14 August 2007

The Physics Of Further Randomness (Lesson 15: What We Blog About When We're Not Getting Any)

* As you've probably realised, not very much is going on in my life right now. No pocketfuls of lovers, no deep , dark romances and worst of all--absolutely no sex. Sigh. Right now, I'm drinking coffee with honey, having run out of sugar and being too lazy to order any, and it tastes rather strange. Sweaty almost. Unpleasant, but one must have one's coffee. Still, in the future, I would not recommend it. Why is it tea with honey tastes all glorious and rainy-day-ish and coffee with honey tastes likes old socks?

*I have a full house at the moment. There's me and Mouse (who are complete slobs, seriously, having always lived with anally neat people, I'm used to the boundaries of my mess reaching the limits of their clean spaces, and their organisation shaming me into tidying up every now and then. Now, we both live with laundry on the couch, speaker wires entangled on the coffee table, newspapers piling up and so on. Very lived in.) And then this morning, Shark Tooth's friend, let's call him Uday, arrived, to stay with us for a couple of days while he's in Bombay. One more mattress, and we've reached maximum occupancy. But this also means I have to clean up the house.

* The Iggy was passing through town and had a five am flight, so in order to amuse her (read: ply her with alcohol before she left) we took her to China House, which I must say, has lost most of its charm for me. It takes about fortyfive minutes to get a drink, it's much too crowded and you have to do the whole waiting-at-the-entrance thing. Meh. Too much effort. Although it must be mentioned that once we were in, I saw a midget (no, really, she reached my hip) and a giant (I reached his hip) and I was all huh. The midget was holding hands with a not unattractive man, and really, when dwarves can find love (sorry, little people) I see no reason why I can't. Also, at the table across from us was Queenie Dhody, and they ordered an entire bottle of champagne and left the whole thing there. I was tempted to steal it, but no one let me. Seriously, what a waste of good alcohol!

* Diabolique (don't ask, this is the pseudonym she chose) and I went shopping for her yesterday. Well, mainly for her, but I did pick up some t-shirts that fit so well you can see the outline of my belly stud. Anyway, so she had a craving for panipuri and we stopped off at a chaat guy she had been going to since she was a baby, and he handed me the first one and reader, I choked. Not only did I choke, tears formed in my eyes from the spices. Where are my hardy South Indian genes? I eat chillis with EVERYTHING! Clearly, I'm becoming American by osmosis. Both Diabolique and the chaat guy were very amused, he made mine a little less spicy (less spicy! Dear god, I'm the one who puts spice on top of spice) and all went well thereafter.

* In other news, Saturday and Sunday will be spent in the city of my birth. Well, okay, not of my birth birth, but the city I've been in since I was three weeks old. Good enough. Mouse's coming with me, although she plans to do a day trip to Agra, and I've had just about enough of the Taj Mahal for one lifetime, so I will stay in Delhi eating lots of food, drinking lots of drinks and catching up on everyone's lives minus me. If you know me in real life, call for coordinates. A weekend isn't a terribly long time, so everyone's going to have to suck it up and all be in the same place at the same time.

And now, stuff I've seen recently. Or read. Or somethinged.

The Simpsons Movie: I only have one thing to say: Spiderpig, spiderpig, does whatever a spiderpig does, does he swing from a vine? No he doesn't, he's just a pig.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Le sigh. Finally the ending. The epilogue though was fairly obvious, though I had a hard time keeping all those kids straight. I felt the worst about Hedwig, really.

The Family Stone: (which is not new but Mouse and Diablolique and I watched it together on Friday) I realise how much I like Sarah Jessica Parker. I think of a sundry Goan holiday taken with a sundry exboyfriend. I decide never EVER to go to my boyfriend's large house for Christmas unless I am willing to smother my personality. And I think dating your sister/boyfriend's boyfriend/brother is slightly creepy.

The Blue Umbrella: Nice. Sad but. I saw Irrfan Khan in the audience, bringing my Bollywood sightings up to five now. Or is it four? What can I say--I have no life.

Betty Crocker's Pancake Mix: Fabulous. Mouse and I have been completely ODing. Not for breakfast as one would assume but like a midnight snack around one or two in the morning.

Until next time, this is your friendly radio jockey telling you to drive safe, eat well and drink lots of water.


  1. we shall wait and read on after you start getting some. Talk about literary pressure on your next lover.

  2. we shall wait and read on after you start getting some. Talk about literary pressure on your next lover.

    * your blog title so long that it totally covers up my first comment. or is it like that just on my computer screen ?

  3. I totally agree on everything about Harry n the Hallows.

    Keeping a track of the kids WAS the toughest part of the entire book.

  4. absolutely love your blog.the drinking,the TC posts,the I am not getting any posts.

    and you are coming out with a book?

  5. why am i the only one without a nickname?
    i want a nickname.
    we shall discuss this.

  6. ...small question...who looks after tc when you travel ?...just popped into my head when reading this post... :)

  7. I hear TC has shut down..was going to be in Delhi later in the year and this news I got absolutely puts the sprinklers on....
    liked this post by the case the random accolades matter :)

  8. Strong milky coffee. Honey. Sprinkling of chocolate.

    Try it. Sweaty? Maybe - like the hollow of a Senorita's neck after loving.

  9. Coffee with... milk? Ugh...

    Try it black, the lack of sugar will never hurt you again.

  10. Let me figure, first there was roommate small, now there is mouse! Do we see a pattern here or is just that one eM views all here roommates from a loftier-than-thou point of view?

  11. @ CrazyDiamond, Turquoise Cottage might just come back, so sit back and pray, and pray even harder if you want it back minus that lousey DJ who showed up sometime last year. It is dilli, after all, good things do not stay sealed for long.

    Anonymous (praying very very hard for a TC ressurection)

  12. congrats. coffee and honey sounds very very donleavyesque.


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