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29 September 2007

Once there was a sailor, Watt was his name

Since I've told Facebook, I might as well tell you guys. I've changed my relationship status. It's been changed. I'm "in a relationship" with the pink heart icon on the minifeed, and late night phone calls and lots and lots of money off my cell phone thanks to text messages and doing things together and better skin and being a Girlfriend. Wow.

It's not without some sadness that I fold away my single life and put it up with mothballs somewhere at the back of my cupboard. Being single is awesome. Don't let anyone tell you it isn't (not even me when I'm being whiny and lonely). Being double is very awesome too--I could get all mushy on you at this point and do a whole Reasons Why I'm In Like With You thing, but I'm restraining myself heavily. (Oh but, sleeping with someone, not SEX, mind you, but just the actual act of sleeping is like some sort of drug. Really. I'm usually a kicking, tossing-around-in-my-sleep-only-to-wake-up-spreadeagled-across-the-bed kind of person, but this I could live with. Okay, I'll stop. See? I'm done!)

But I've noticed each time I blog about a relationship, it usually goes badly, and I'm superstitious like that. So for a while, with my dating, I kept it under cover, but this time I am totally tempting fate. I want to see if this lasts beyond this blog post, if this lasts beyond October even, if the good feelings have some basis in reality and not just my deluded mind. What shall we call him? So far we've had an initial (K., but that was very long ago), New Boy (which was nice, but very two years ago also), the Other Party (which I still like as a pseudonym, but using it again might be confusing) and the Nonboyfriend (which this isn't, so that doesn't apply really). I'm toying with Y chromosome. I think it has a nice, scientific ring to it, but then it seems rather long to type. An initial might be too revealing for his liking--even if it is a fairly regular initial, not like X or something. The Boy, The Boyfriend etc have been used waaay too often. Hmmm. This is harder than I thought. I know! We'll refer to him as Volt, a little inside pun I have going on with Deepti and Neel. (And he has lots of energy, fairly charged, positively electrical etc etc) Very nice. I'm so proud of myself now. Volt. Volt and eM. We sound like comic book characters.

In other news, I seem to have somehow gotten a bruise on the knuckle below my little finger. Which means this post will also have to be classified as "Injuries". When I first made that label, I assumed there would be one or two posts under it, but in this whole the-universe-will-fuck-with-me-each-time-I-blog-about-something thing, very obligingly, each week, sometimes, if I'm lucky, each month, I have a new injury to report. I might as well get it over with and admit to having strained my back badly from carrying my laptop backpack and rushing to catch a train. (I thought I'd be stylish and loosened the straps, so the backpack now hangs over my middle and lower back, ergo, backstrain. BUT I'm still not going to adjust the straps. Vanity, thy name is woman.) Perhaps certain obliging parties can be coerced into giving me a nice backrub.

My bed has no headrest and tonight, I sleep alone. Goodnight, lovelies, and I hope you all have pleasant news to relate this week as well.

(I wonder though if this general wellbeing is going to take away from the snark? That last line was positively angelic. I feel like I should insert a bitchy comment here just to reassure myself that I'm still here. Ah, fuck it. I'm in too good a mood to be bitchy. Next week, perhaps.)


  1. Yay to you and the volt. Hope the volt does not re-volt ? That was stupid but it was something I thought was clever when I thought of it inside my head and just had to type it out to realize that it seemed silly. Oh Well. I think I should sleep now. Nitey Nite

  2. "Goodnight, lovelies, and I hope you all have pleasant news to relate this week as well."

    When I read that, I had exactly the same thought that you so kindly pointed out in the next sentence -

    is "this general wellbeing is going to take away from the snark? That last line was positively angelic" ?

    We shall wait & see! In the meanwhile, enjoy yourself darling!

  3. candid as it gets!!..loved it!

    bless ya with the 'relationship' positively.

  4. Volt eh?
    not Kilo Volt Ampere? I thought that was more like it no?

    All the best anyway. .. ...

  5. kva--someone thinks i'm dating you, please jump in and defend my honour. (not to mention, yours!)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. what aboubt 'LoveofLife' (LOL) ?...but then that somehow imputes that he does not exist...hmmm loveofmylife (loml)

  8. thought you should know...TC is back again! At Vasant Vihar, to Mc. Donalds :D

    I went the day it opened!!! ( basically they bought opus)

  9. Though there's no mention of love in this post, but I just want to say this: being in love isn't half as much fun as falling in love! And if you are there, enjoy it!

  10. Wow... thats super news.
    Congratulations and I will hope it lasts long this time.


  11. poodles. you should call yourself poodles. volt, however, is a moniker par excellence. joy to both of you.
    oh this post had me feeling all warm and fuzzy in 12 degree climes.

  12. Hi em,

    I am a regular reader of your blog and likes your style. Is em the blogger a true reflection of em the person- or is it a Second Life?
    just a thought.

    But wish you happy times with Volt- and eagerly waiting for your next post.

  13. EM... u know even i've often wondered if i should consider myself lucky to be single.. u can just tell the world, "Screw you all, i'm in charge of myself" though at the same time pining for company, without admitting it...The big question is - Does a person complicate his/her life further by getting 'involved' with someone else, esp in the mid-20s? It's very easy to say 'yes' to that, failing to admit that there are plenty of happy couples out there

    being single is def not awesome.. it never was and never will be..i feel everyone deserves a shot at being in a relationship and see for himself if the thrills are for real, or just plain hype..

    PS - in case u're wondering how on earth i got here, a friend recommended i read ur blog...commented on a few other posts..keep the confessions coming :-)

  14. marketying whizkid ur. g48 show. NS would be elated


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