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2 August 2008

Pleh. And meh. And other noises to signify lack of blogging content

You know that thing bloggers often say to explain lack of blogging? "Real life happened"? I always think of that as the most pointless excuse. I mean, whenever REAL real life happens, I always have lots and lots to blog about, as opposed to having days of happy harmony (mostly) when there's really nothing very much to say.

Birthday parties abound. Deepti's was last week and there was a MENU for drinks we wanted (four of us--Deepti, Neel, Kalyan and me. JC had work type things but he joined me there at three am. Never say dating has made me old and middle-aged. I'm still young! And late night-able.) I learnt from Neel, how to make the ferpect margarita and a Cosmopolitan and then I generally amused myself by using the martini shaker. It was lots of fun to hang with Deepti again, till the 'wee sma' of the morning, watching the high tide and looking as the lights in the building opposite hers slowly went out, one by one. We chatted about not very much and were very pleasantly drunken monkeys by the time JC came, also a drunken monkey, to have another drink and then to come home with me. Sure, once I would have continued till 5, even going out for breakfast, and this time I passed out in the cab with my head on his shoulder and woke up right outside my house, but still.

Sameeeeeeeeeeeeer! Sameer is leaving for the UK (hmph) and he is having a farewell/birthday bash tonight and Chrisann and I are determined to make him cry with sentimentality. Sigh. Friends leave, friends return and I am feeling wanderlust fill my system again. But where to go? Further west was the original plan--but that means what? Qatar? Cairo? Istanbul?

I'd actually quite love to live in Istanbul. Dear Istanbulites, Please invite me to your country (So the whole single woman/freelance writer thing won't be an issue) and please provide me with a lucrative career so I can move there. Kisses! eM

That should do it. Have an excellent Saturday night, my lovelies.


  1. Hi emmie,
    I subscribed.Your 1st chapter.Penguin won't send :|whats wrong?

  2. right back at ya....
    istanbul..... u gotta read "everyone worth knowing", then

  3. Lady, when you refrain from posting, even on random topics, I hope you realize that you're robbing me of my reading-material. There's only so many times you can go back to the archives.

  4. Hi eM,

    Ive been a late bloomer as far as your blog is concerned but lemme tell you this ..It rocks the shit outtaa..Plus u've inspired me to start my own li'l blog as well. Im not gonna ask you to check it out b'cos you probably wont have the time.Please make sure your book gets to Kerala and keep up the good work.

  5. Talking of east, how about east-coast of the US? lol. New York. Come down there and I can pretty much provide for the liquer and put up at my place with 0 rent ;)

  6. yup!! great saturday evening if u ask me.. right here on my odl chair at work!!
    though i wud be busy tommorrow with a few parties what wid this being my last week in town!! :)

  7. Surprising you haven't left Bharat Mata for more westerly regimes, actually...

  8. By the way. It's August now. How's the book coming along? And will there be a book launch in Delhi?

  9. well, Istanbul is worth a shot...invited or uninvited...once you reach there, U'd be a guest anyways...

    Well, passing out in a cab with your head rested on someone's shoulder...I only wish that like a bollywood hero, the guy keeps gazing at me and thinking how b'ful i look when i am drunk :) Its awwwwwwl about me! Cheers!

  10. Hey eM, in the confessions blog blog you're running there is a post on a girl having feelings for other girls...have you ever fancied one of your girl-friends? Or even kissed a girl?

  11. interesting noise you make.. cos the writing is great... even when you feel that you don't have "blogging" content...!

  12. Hi, my name is Lenny. I'm a journalist with the newspaper DNA. I saw your interview in Lounge, NDTV Goodtimes. I was working on a story about blogging and wanted to speak to you. Can you send me your phone no or email id at Thanks

  13. "I generally amused myself by using the martini shaker"

    ooh, i love it when you blog dirty to me. tell us more...

  14. Istanbul, any day. History, atmosphere, booming economy, great nightlife, greater food and drink, and the weather is much better than New York. (Check the photos on my blog)
    Only downer (unless you thrive on competition) - the women there are stunning.


  15. heya....
    question - when is your book gonna be out in stores? i'm just gonna go buy it. my life is too boring for me to win 'best confession' and free book.

  16. more interested to know wat is the recipe for the purrrfect cosmopolitan and margarita :)

  17. i've been a lurker on your blog for a while now. and you're one of the wittiest bloggers i know. all the very best with the book!
    btw, are you really reading LM Montgomery? she's my favourite author! i hope you enjoy her work too :)

  18. really? istanbul a nice place to hop to? OK, I'll add that to my list of countries-to-visit. Well, I'm not as fortunate as to be young, free and single anymore...but the time will come. :-)


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