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8 March 2009

And sometimes it's like I never left at all

What better way to celebrate the eve of Women's Day than with a crippling hangover, eh? Although I'm really not sure why it IS so crippling. I had maybe four drinks, and back in the day, you know, when my metabolism still was set to super high and I could go a couple of nights with no sleep, I never had hangovers. And now? I might be ID'd at bars (once more on Thursday) but clearly, my system feels all of its almost-thirty years.

Since I've been back in Bombay, I have found myself uncontrolably drawn into the sort of social whirl that even Paris Hilton might balk at. I've been out every single night since my return, not even pausing for jet lag (which finally kicked in on Wednesday causing me to sleep till almost four pm). The consequence for all this drinking has been a) a very, very quiet Saturday evening spent at home watching Splitsvilla on MTV and b) an upset stomach (one more thing age does to you). I am briefly comforted by the fact that I have a "brunch" to go to tomorrow, where assuredly, most of the contributions shall be liquid. My own addition to the potluck are my very famous (well, to me) Bloody Marys, that I do to perfection. (Stomach just rolled over at the thought of that. Oh well. Make mine virgin.)

Soooo, the party last night was a little odd. I mean, it was nice and all. The house in particular was lovely, a split level apartment, balconies everywhere, great view, entertainment etc. But since I didn't know anyone (I went to keep a friend company) I was free to observe to my heart's content the lifestyles of the rich and famous. And everyone struck me, under their shiny, happy demeanours, to be a little unhappy. Maybe I'm just projecting, maybe it was the violently pink drink I was given, but I dunno. At the end of the day, I was quite happy with my own small flat and my own less than rich and famous lifestyle. It all seemed very big and lonely, if you know what I mean.

Oh em gee, the Global Fusion buffet lunch? HOW have I been missing it all this while? It's all you can eat SUSHI and then other stuff, but still SUSHI, which I have been craving and can only afford the cheap Candies version of, this lunch is Rs 475 (for girls, which okay, is blatant gender discrimination but since it's skewed in my favour, I accept it) and is ALL YOU CAN EAT. Plus coke-shoke and dessert. (It's above Croma, opposite KFC, off Linking Road). My friends were having a sushi eating contest, but I was content to go back and reload till my eyes drooped and I had to unbutton my jeans. And it's really good sushi too.

I need a new laptop. This one is driving me insane. For one thing, the battery's given out, so I can only use it when it's plugged in. For another, it keeps hanging and Ctrl + Alt + Del doesn't work anymore, so I have to shut it down with the power button, which cannot be good for it in the long run. Andddddd, it's really slow. Suggestions on which one to get? Here are the specs I need: a nice large screen, so I can watch stuff on it, good battery life, lots of memory, and light enough for me to carry places, which I do frequently. Also not too expensive, so don't bother suggesting the Macbook, which is pretty, but not worth it for someone who just uses the computer to write and surf the internet. Some friends say Dell, some say HP, some say Toshiba and now I'm all confused. Also, if you know of any place in Bombay that does exchange deals, so I can swap my old one for a new one and which does EMIs, that would be great. Internet, I depend upon you.

I've been a Twitter user for a while, but since I'm not blogging with the same frequency I used to, Twitter is now my fallback. I JUST discovered how to send Tweets with my cellphone and now I feel like I can say stuff constantly. Plus, I'm getting used to the character limit thing, so I now sound, well, a little smart as opposed to long winded and rambly.

Oooh, and I saw Orhan Pamuk the other day! When I say I saw him, I mean, I went to his reading at the British Council, but it was so full that I was stuck outside, watching him on a screen. Although he did pass all us screen watchers and give us a little nod, which is kinda like seeing him read in person. No?

Exciting times but next week, no, TOMORROW, I shall get down to real time serious work on all the writing projects I have pending. I've been procrastinating and procrastinating and now the little part of me that needs to hibernate and write is making itself known quite clearly. Creativity is once more beginning to bubble, which is awesome, because for the longest time I had this terrible writer's block. Unblocked now, with some mental Pudin Hara and I am all determination.


  1. dell is the absolute best! trust me.

    screen size is more than enough, battery life is amazing and sound quality is awesome!

  2. looking for a laptop are we? hmmm its a tough world out there....after an year's deliberation I bought a Samsung NC10, small, light, sleek and good battery....definetly for the writer type but only 10 inch screen.... but then last week I saw the Dell Inspiron Mini 12 at Croma and thought that I jumped the gun a bit too fast...but then is it not that you always find something better just after you have bought something else....wish you all the best..

  3. I swear by Toshiba. Gives the least trouble, has good battery back up and seems like the best to me.

  4. Unless you're looking for a really powerful CPU (read as quad core) on which you can play high end games (read as games that needs GeForce 9x + cards) - All you need to do is - Go to your nearest Croma outlet and pick any laptop that looks cute, works hard and fits your budget ...

    It's as simple as that mate !!!

  5. hi, u dont know me, but jus wanted to say congrats to u for being featured in the HT City (Delhi) list of top 12 women. :)

  6. Ha. I see JC didn't toss the laptop off the pier like I suggested to him ;)

    Go for Dell, man. I'm in the process of buying one myself. More bang for less buck.

  7. Dell... that is what even I would suggest. HP and Vaio have absolutely no life. Personal experience of near dear ones. Btw- Loved your writing. Am gonna be a regular here...!!! Oh- Happy women's day... and I got to you thanks to HT city... Congrats

  8. heya!... listen to these ppl, they know about laptops n whats worth your money...dont listen to me cos i'm the worst ever. my own laptop was a gift without which id have deliberated over it for years n still have been laptop-less...

  9. 3 words...

    Dell ,Dell, Dell !!

    and spend a 40+ :)

    Super cool. and happy women's day!

  11. dell inspiron. they come in nice colours too.. i got red :D

  12. hey! welcome back. nice to see a happy new post.. and happy womens day!

  13. Belated Happy Woman's Day !

    I am using a HP laptop (DV4 series), light in weight and quite handy with 14 inch screen. Costs about 50K.

    Sony VAIO is also good, but bit expansive, better go to a gadget shop and try them out before u buy.

    if u wanna discuss some particular model, u can catch me on twitter (rohit_khurana) or gtalk (rohitkhuranadce)

    by the way, i am an engineer and tech geek, and a tech-blogger

  14. Dell XPS 1330 is nice

    handy... good battery

    but u have to invest a little more... 40+

  15. Best wishes on Women's Day (I wouldn't say Happy, with all the things I hear on the Delhi FM 98.3 campaign). And congratulations on being featured in the HT 10 Women Who Rock.
    As for the laptop, I would support Rohit & recomment the HP if only for the screen size (wiiiiiide) & reliability. My niece was using it for some time & had no complaint. Plus, it was reasonably light.

  16. HP is crap. i have had 2, and both hv been crap!! Pls buy dell.

    Mental Pudin Hara.... haha... i like that

  17. Dell Dell. Order online. Configure something that suits you the best. (Take help from friends if you can't do it yourself)

  18. belated women' day wishes :)

  19. hey em, am soryy but ur blog is strtn to sound downr8 boringg..pick up the pieces and kick sme ass dear..

  20. I donno if any one here has suggested this...I would suggest Lenovo..I am using T61....and I love it. Its sturdy...good battery and suits the nature of work you talking..

  21. I love your blog :) Excuse me for being not-so-in-with-times.. but I'm kinda visiting for the first time :)

    And a Dell Studio XPS or HP pavilion series netoebook should fit your requirements pretty well. I like Dell coz you can always goto and fiddle with the specs (screen size, disk capacity, ram etc etc..) and see how the price changes :) Happy notebook hunting !

  22. """was free to observe to my heart's content the lifestyles of the rich and famous. And everyone struck me, under their shiny, happy demeanours, to be a little unhappy"""

    Loved this bit, cos its so true, I have seen this so many times. And this is across the strata...I have seen this in middle class housewives and in fashionably rich liberals. Its amazing how someone who has nothing can sleep so peacefully...when the ones who have everything need to wake up with a hangover..

  23. Creativity crocket follows you every time... move on with your unfreezed mental Pudhin Hara preparable for us....Happy colourful Holi...bhalle...bhalle....bhalleee..aha.

  24. Okay , just as a matter of curiosity!
    What is it tht u do as a profession?
    i mean , like i wud luv an explanation.
    U see , i gotto choose my group next year in school?
    So u kno been askin ppl wht they do for a living ?
    Wud be cool if u reply!
    my email id:

    ps:The email id sounds crap , but it works!
    And ya , how cud i forget?
    ur blog is fun-chick stuff to catch up with , a lot like meg cabot's.
    Do try Gossip girl , seriously fun show!
    gossip girl books?

  25. hem hem...the happier someone looks...the harder they may be trying to reign it in

  26. Hi Meenakshi,
    I am a compulsive confessor myself. Since you have already taken that title, could you suggest another apt title for my blog?

    I am sure you haven't had this type of a request before..!!

  27. hm mm... I would suggest a Dell. excellent battery. 24 hrs support. and the best of all, you can customize it.

    all according to your own needs.
    just get on to their website.

    i would have suggested a mac. the basic mac is good enough as well. and its not really expensive- its for about 40,000/-. and a mac means- no viruses.

  28. I think the MAC is the best. Expensive but the features and ease of use make it the best one around. I know quite a few guys at my work place who have it and rave about it - much to the envy of the rest.

  29. Congrats on the feature in HT. Well done. I like your rambing & engaging style of writing.Looks like the vote goes for Dell huh?

  30. Meenakshi ..

    Reading your book these days .. and its criticisms too .. personally i feel that your book is giving me amazing insights into what females think .. i mean ok i know the book (and the blog) of yours have been exaggerated at places .. chalta hai .. you have to sell the book afterall! .. but i liked it .. trying to write a book myself as well .. "confessions of a pervert mind" .. just that i don't get the time (and at times the thoughts) to pen the entire thingie down

    You write well .. you really do .. you write unabashed .. that is what i like .. you tell people what you (and a majority of our urban female janta thinks)

    When is your new book comming?

  31. Orhan Pamul is bloody good looking isn't he!

  32. //I need a new laptop. This one is driving me insane. For one thing, the battery's given out, so I can only use it when it's plugged in. For another, it keeps hanging and Ctrl + Alt + Del doesn't work anymore, so I have to shut it down with the power button, which cannot be good for it in the long run. Andddddd, it's really slow.//

    Lucky you the laptop didn't slapped you for bitching about it to us :P

    // Suggestions on which one to get?//

    Dell XPS - if u can go to Singapore for three days order it online and buy it its worth the deal - somewhere around 40K in Sing and the same for 60K in India,.,,,



    P.S: I am blogrolling you :)

  33. I think you have anemia, that or menopause is nearer than you think :P

  34. I just bought a new laptop and I got the sony vaio .It is just plain beautiful and it is 57 g .. I think do-able.

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  36. Try ASUS N20.
    Fits all the description you want.

  37. I have been using DELL (professional piece) and Compaq (personal piece) for over 2 years now, and as far as battery life is concern I will choose DELL, once charged it works for a longer duration as compare to compaq which seems quickly drained out.However, DELL batteries drains out in a year and one generally needs a replacement ( not sure if the problem was with my particular series, or its an over all issue).

    As far as support is concern, DELL provides a home-pick up feature, which was a while back missing in other brands. With other brands one needs to physically take the laptop to the service centres, which generally are quite far off.
    I totally agree wat Sharath said, as long as you are not into high end computing, just buy any piece which looks good and is easy on pocket...for tht matter even Acer is a good choice and should work absolutely fine..

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