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30 July 2009

The post with fashion thingies (because I've been watching an awful lot of Project Runway)

* I am rather sick of the empire waistline. When it began, I was all hurrah! and ooh, look how pretty! but weeks and months of wearing what looks a little like maternity wear is getting to me. How can you not look preggers in something that cinches right underneath your boobs and then billows outward? Even if you have the most beautiful toned stomach (which I don't), you're still going to look vaguely full. I tried to mix it up the other day, you know, look for things that had a straight cut as opposed to the sash-and-billow, but nyet. No go. So I have these masses of dresses which I will be able to, in all likelihood wear for every aspect of my life.

* I am also giving up on the Skinny Jeans phenomenon. I've tried them on over and over again and I cannot for the life of me figure out who these jeans are supposed to be flattering. I have extraordinarily skinny legs and an ass that is almost non-existant. These jeans skinnify my legs even more BUT push my ass out so I look.. well.. really weird. Pair that with an empire waist top and you know I've got some serious body issues.

Something I do like though is boy shorts, which, wouldn't you know it, is underwear. So much more comfortable than a thong, make my ass look VISIBLE (seriously!) and are kinda cool in a hipster sorta way. They're also good to wear under dresses when you don't want your pantyline to show and come in all sorts of awesome patterns. My two favourites right now are ones with cassettes on it with "Feel the beat" on the waistband and similiar ones with zebra faces on it and "Drive Me Wild". LOVE them. I wish they were outerwear too.

I think the reason I'm edging away from your sashes and skinnyfication is also coz I'm so bored with my closet right now. Oh, I have lots of awesome clothes, but here's the thing about me--I dislike accessorising with belts and tights and what-not and I'm always looking for something which no one else will be wearing. This leads me to buy prints that are a little away from the ordinary like an awesome skull print tube dress I love or an ikkat dress with tie up straps and a pocket at the rear. So, the dress featured in the picture above is NOT something I have in my wardrobe. I do have one similar to it, only mine has stars all over it and a poufy balloon skirt. My, I love the balloon skirt. Also pockets. I don't know why pockets on dresses fascinate me so much but you could pretty much slap a pocket on anything and I would be your customer. Girls don't get enough pockets. Penis envy? Fuck that. I'm all about pocket envy. Two of my favourite pieces of bottoms belong to boys--one's a pair of camoflage three-fourths and another is golf shorts. Both loose, yes, but with a belt and POCKETS. I love those clothes.


  1. Oh thank God someone else feels the same way about those hideous maternity tops! They're practically biological clocks ticking away and you can't help but wish they'd just frikkin burst.

  2. In my case, I am so very happy about empire waist lines still being in fashion. Haven't bought a single actual maternity top (which can be SOOO frumpy) - have just been buying the tops from regular shops...

  3. Finally she writes again... *big toothy smile*

    And why not like the empire waist line... it did great for my otherwise un-see-able twins... made em look perkier,and happier...

    and the Skinny jeans totally upped me behind...

    Perky asstes = niceeee, no?..

    and I heart boy shortsss! ...*high five*

    and ermmm, the overfriendliness comes from the fact that i almost stalk your're on my list of favorite blogs :)

    Keep typin..cheers

  4. hahaha pocket envy, I love your antics, Em.

    I can see how skinny jeans + empire waistline doesn't cut the mustard, yeah. I guess the trick is not to succumb to all these trends ... but we girls know how hard it is not to become a fashion victim, right?! Especially when the shops all stock these Must-Have Items.

    Take care. Keep writing.

  5. i'm a big fan of pockets too. i still haven't gotten over this plain white tube dress with side pockets at banana republic that was too big for me. hmmmph. and then there are awesome military green shorts in the closet not suitable for dilli. the closeted life of some of my best clothes continues.
    good post by the way. always fun to stop by here :)

  6. Watch what not to wear instead of Project Runway. I agree with you regrading empire waist dress. Try A line or tier dresses.You have a great blog.

  7. thats a supercool blog out there..!!! And i read your book-- lurrved that as well!!!

    And i'm sucker for anything with pockets too!!! :)

  8. Skinny legs and a non existent ass? You need to try a tulip dress woman. Empire lines are totally bleh!

  9. I hate skinny jeans too and love boy shorts! Great post!

  10. I love skinnies.. live in them.. i usually pair them with huge oversized T-shirts though.. usually men's T-shirts..

    and i <3 pockets too..


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