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11 December 2009

Never too old to be the birthday girl

If you know me, then you know my birthday is possibly the HUGEST DEAL IN THE WORLD to me. It's true. In the past, I began talking about it in like August, because I was so excited and now, I'm not much better, though I have managed to hold off till at least November before I make plans. People are amused, because, well, at 28, you expect someone to take a chill pill already about turning a year older, but it's so exciting! And it's a day all about meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! And more meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! How can you not love that? So in honour of the upcoming weekend, I'm doing a list post of my top five absolutely favourite birthdays. (Add your own memories in the comments.)

1. Age 13, December 1994--my "disco" themed birthday: Got a sound system and strobe lights and decked out my entire living room like a disco. I wore a tube skirt and a white top with a black crochet vest and a silver belt around my waist. I called about 20 people from school, we had dinner and danced and best of all, I got Canada Dry (that ginger ale) for drinks, so we could pretend we were drinking beer and feel very grown up.

2. Age 22, December 2003--This birthday stands out because I! GOT! A! CAR! Best birthday present of all time. I can't remember what I did with the day, but I do remember driving everywhere and leaving the plastic on for ages.

3. Age 25, December 2006-- Combination birthday/leaving do from Delhi. This just stands out because there were lots and lots of people and so much nostalgia/sentimentality. It makes me all awwww even thinking about it.

4. Age 3 or 4, December 1984/85--Got a Hansel and Gretel cake designed for my birthday (An aside: I always wanted a very elaborately shaped cake and so my mum and I would together design it and take it in to Nirula's which did a good job. The other day, I go to Nirula's and I'm flipping through their cake book and oh. my. god! There are all my cakes passing off as Nirula's designs! Can you sue for cake plagiarism?) This was a big deal, because I was terrified of the witch and in a moment of birthday triumph, I grabbed her marzipan figure and bit off her head. Ha-ha. So there, witch!

5. Age 19, December 2001--I was in college for this birthday and my friend and I had a joint do at her house. It was my first experience with organising a party completely unassisted by my parents (even though she did the organising, being much better at it. I just followed orders.) Also, this was the year I was introduced to the marvel of cellphone technology, having received my first phone from the 'rents--a beautiful, purple, Motorola Talkabout. (This year, I have asked for a new cellphone again, going for the HTC Tattoo.)

Ah, good times. This year, we do a poolside brunch (the nice thing about living in a city with summer all year round). And JC is back tomorrow, ending our long separation and life. is. good.


  1. gO gAL.... hv a BLAST!!!
    smoke less though ;-)

  2. Enjoy!! Now me waiting for a fun 'This is what happened on my bday' post. N if it has some drunken bits, all the more yeahhhhh!;)

  3. have a grt b'day grl...:D

    my fav so far has been my last b'day,my 20th coz I was sooo looking fwd 2 it,dat made me feel so grown up,u knw,after having been d baby of the family 4 many many years...

    I look fwd 2 my bdays frnds hav alrdy strtd complainin dat dey r getting olderrr..but i love b' u sed,dat is 1 day dat is abt u n u only :)

  4. I think, I have said this b4 too..but we resemble a lot when it comes to craziness..its prob the Saggi effect! I turned 27 this Dec and though I dont have major bday parties anymore..i still start planning a month in advance..of what I want to wear..what I wud get for myself etc! It doesnt really hurt to pamper urself a bit :D

    So..have a blast! enjoy!

  5. Wow! But just five memorable birhdays?? I am sure you can write about more..will wait for that post :) And a very Happy Birthday

  6. Happppppy Birthday!! have a killer year ahead and please do publish some more books too! :)
    probably you could throw us readers a virtual party next year! :)

  7. Happy birthday gal!! and I am sure this time it will be even more special.

  8. Hey happy bday !! Do post on how it goes.

    Just for fun, I tried your potato pickle surprise today :) And it was amazing !! M hooked to it for good now :)

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EM!! May each birthday bring new ideas to translate into new books for all of us read!!!! Have fun lady!

  10. ohh i have those painful pictures of me looking more like the birthday cake with icing on me..the frills and laces of my "frock" tat is

  11. Good thing you specified all birthdays were in December along with age and year, else we would have been confused if it was May or March!!! Just kidding:-)

  12. You remind me of my friend whose birthday is on Jan 17 and she starts planning from Jan 18th!!

  13. Nothing is too late, particularly if it is a matter of joy or attainment, in life!

    I am late to covey greetings, but next year I am sure to be in time.

    Shastri Philip

  14. hey..

    have a good one..:

    My most memorable bday was my 20th when someone very special had this whole special surprise for me and it was a treasure hunt with coloured candles all over the was nice..real nice:)

  15. hv a good one:)

    my fav bdae remains my 20th bdae..when my girlfriend had this huge surprise and a treasure hunt planned r it was special in evryway:)



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