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21 March 2012

A collection of stereotypes all wrapped up in one 5'2" package

Some days, I am Pollyanna. I am so virtuous about only looking at the bright side that I annoy even myself. I sigh, martyr-like at any problem that comes my way, but I take them willingly, head on, so that I can turn them into a situation where All Is Well.  I say things like, "Oh well, things can only get better, right?" or "Aww.. cheer up, sweetie, it could be worse!"  I want to punch myself in the nose. Sometimes, though, saying these things make other people feel better. Pollyanna is Pollyanna for a reason.

Some days I am Virginia Woolf and only the lack of a poetic river keeps me from jumping into one. The Yamuna doesn't count. I have a room of my own which I guard. I meditate on feminist issues. Virginia is Virginia for a reason.

Some days, I am Manic Pixie Dream Girl.  I wear sneakers with my frocks and am full of whimsy. These are the days I will sing out loud in the street, perhaps attempt to do a pirouette, I smile at random strangers and wear my hair in braids. I put toothpaste on my zits and cook in an adorably dysfunctional manner. I dismiss my several neuroses as "quirks" and these are perhaps good days to meet me for a drink, because I am full of riffs and will entertain you. These would also be a bad day to meet me for a drink if you want to actually discuss something,  because as MPDG, I am my own show. MPDG is MPDG for a reason.

Some days, I am Joan from Mad Men. I carry my bosom like a banner, like a sail, before me. I let my voice drop to a throaty chuckle. I smoke a cigarette in an elegant fashion. I give you wisdom for your life. I wear red lipstick, sometimes I wear heels and I am supremely confident. Joan Days are good days for me, because I move about feeling elegant and wise and yet, supremely cynical and jaded. Sometimes Joan will morph halfway into MPDG and THAT is just WEIRD. Joan is Joan for a reason.

Some days I am J.D Salinger. I do not wish to see anyone, I do not wish to be disturbed. Why are there so many people on this planet? Please go away and leave me alone to be a genius. Salinger is Salinger for a reason.

Some days I am an internet troll, some days I resonate with the world, some days nothing I do turns out right, some days I am so happy to be me and to be alive that I have to pinch myself to make sure this is real. Some days I am lazy. Some days I am super productive. Some days I care about everything. Some days I am filled with apathy. Some days I wonder what's going to happen to me. Some days I'm all about living in the present. Contradictions are contradictions for a reason.


  1. nice idea for a post.... listing out your favorite fictional/ non fictional stereotypes.

  2. ja ja jaa i love it. We all rite nw n den wat we feel like,u made it seem so quirky ! nice job

  3. You've identified all the different 'you' so well! It made me instantly think of my various 'selves' and I realized I'm so not in my Wonder Woman or Athena mode these days. I'm in the wife/bahu mode these days and I think my alter ego has left me, for good this time.

  4. I typed in "mrs dalloway said" into google and was directed to an old post from your blog titled "mrs dalloways said she would buy the flowers herself" and your latest post also mentions virginia. I am currently reading The Hours. It's beautiful.

    1. Virginia and I, we're old friends. :)

    2. "The Hours", the book as well as the movie just won't leave me. I find myself going back to them again and again. And also going back to the character Laura Brown. Her dilemma and her ultimate decision continue to haunt me.

  5. I keep returning to your blog for a reason. You put into words things I feel but pay no attention to. And then to read then back is actually, kinda, liberating. Really. Thanks :)

  6. So I am not the only half-crack walking about croaking!!! Am I relieved to know that!!! You are You for a reason :) ;) :D

  7. The promptness is exquisite, a nice read and in a few lines, healing.

  8. Lovely post! You have succinctly painted each personality for us and described the manifestations they bring out in you so well.

  9. Beautifully written, Meenakshi..It's like an on-going romance, a love story:)


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