16 January 2013

excitement overloaded

verse one:

i bought a new car
my very own new car
it's white with funny looking headlights
and a sweet curvy roof
that the manufacturers call "swaying"
i call it lola--it's obviously a girl
a horn that's low pitched and alto
a slender form that squeezes through traffic
and all. my. very. own.
lola makes me happy in my Deep Insides.

verse two:
for my birthday, my parents gave me a flat box
when i asked what was in it, they said 'plates'
why would i need plates? i asked, i mean
it's very sweet of you, but i'm inundated with plates
i have a lot of plates, i will never run out
it made me wonder if they knew me at all, because
and then i opened it and i was sorry for doubting them
because it was a macbook air
and it's gorgeous and i call him macdreamy
and it has changed my life
if life = the amount of time you spend on the internet.

verse three:
my book came out quietly
like a gay man at a straight party
it's sort of lurking by the umbrella stand
sometimes, when i'm passing a bookstore
i pop in to see if it's alive.
i had a party for it
it was a good party
fittingly, it was at a club
where people whisper to you
"do you know this is a GAY club?"
rumours have not been verified. 


  1. A little bit Humor, but very beautifully penned.
    *Cheers* :)

  2. Haha..Really funny!Not like 'clutch my stomach and laugh funny' but well I just smiled 'oh-so-broadly':)The poem makes me feel so happy for ya:)*Nice*

  3. funny...as in "something something honey bunny" funny....:) instantly brought out a smile...:) nice...!!!

  4. Such a merry post! Yay to all your gifts and achievements. (Very old reader who's delurked long back and then resorted to lurking again.)

  5. Such a warm and happy post. Incidentally, I was gifted a sleek and tiny new laptop in December as well and got my first, real car, a shiny, bright new orange Nano yesterday and whom I've named Pumpkin Pie :) I feel your happiness :)


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