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18 January 2013

Win a signed copy of Cold Feet!

Here's all you gotta do:
1) Write a short-short on love eg: first love, love later, betrayed love, unromantic love, love for your cat, your tennis coach, your left foot, sex, kissing etc etc. Broadly love, but I'll leave the interpretation up to you.
2) (a short-short is micro fiction, so 140 words?)
3) Send this marvellous minute piece of writing to me here, OR Facebook it to me here.
4) Post a comment saying you've participated so I can confirm it. You can also choose to share the Facebook status.
5) Top three win signed books. Exciting!

You have a whole week. Plenty of time. Last date is Friday, January 25.


  1. I just sent you an entry from my gmail acct - Shrinidhi Rai


    All the best!

  2. Is participation geographically restricted?

    1. nope, but if you're in iceland or something, you might have to settle for a pdf. :)

  3. Sent my entry to your gmail account.

    Sastha Prakash.

  4. I sent my entry to your gmail account :)

    - Bidisha

  5. My short should be in your inbox Meenakshi :)

    -Rahul Mitchell

  6. I have sent the micro fiction on your email

    Maliny Mohan

  7. Emailed it to you. :)

  8. noooo..!! i was holidaying in assam where my datacard refused to work...and what do i see on logging onto net today? that i missed my chance of getting your book!! nooo..!! can the deadline be extended? pleeez...

  9. Did the results get posted someplace Meenakshi?
    Or Did I just miss the update? :)


  10. Have the results for this been declared ??


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