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11 March 2013

If it's Friday, it must be Bombay


If I could encompass these past few weeks in two words--actually I'll just make it one word: shoes. Spring is here, and I'm changing up some parts of my style.

A lot of my shopping has been online these days, what can I say? Work is so swampy I don't even have time to blog, book stuff has been a little stress-y, so in order to get my retail therapy stuff, I shop.

So, I bought these gorgeous pair of kickers.

Colour blocked heels from Done By None

And in my wear-every-day since I got them are these lovely, lovely buttersoft brogues by my good friend and all round Talented Person, Nayantara Sood of Taramay

Other stuff I can highly recommend: coffee from Blue Tokai, I buy the whole beans and grind them myself, because I'm a bit of a coffee snob these days. And a basket full of fresh veggies from I Say Organic, the prettiest pudina! the sexiest spinach! the pinkest beetroot!

And the reason for this post, because I'm a bad blogger, but trying to be a good book-writing-promoting-person-- drum roll please.

This FRIDAY March 15, at the Last Ship Art Residency, Bandra.
7.30 pm to 10.30 pm.

I'll be launching Cold Feet! In conversation with me is Raja Sen, who you know if you know movies, also a good friend, and someone I thought would have an interesting gender discussion with me. Also, drinks, reading, and Instagram. All are welcome, so come, bring your friends, your parents, your first awkward date.

Here's a link to the Facebook invite for more details.

ETA: Bombay invite

Also, stay tuned, because I'll be in Pune on Saturday for another reading--are any of you in Pune? Will you come and hear me read? I'll post location/time details on the blog and on my Facebook page as soon as I have it.

ETA: Pune NEW invite

Saturday, March 16, 5 pm
Barista, MG Road.
(The Law College Barista had construction going on.)

Phew. Promotion is wearing me out. I'll be happy when I can go back to talking about my cat again for three hours. (Although, this book party stuff is quite fun when you're actually THERE and DOING IT, as opposed to right before when you're organising it and trying to get the show on the road, because, wine.)


  1. Replies
    1. Not yet, but within the day, I think. We're leaning towards Barista at Law College, good choice? (The other option is Barista at MG Road.)

  2. I'm in Pune, and I vote for Barista on Law College Road, it's more spacious than the one on MG Road.
    PS: I've been following your blog for about 6 years or more now, but I rarely comment.

  3. PPS: Also bought and read You Are Here and Confessions of List Maniac, and now looking forward to this one.

  4. Hey as I said on ur FB, Law College Road is quite hep for book reading.Looking forward to ColdFeet. Plus, love ur update and nice choice woman.

  5. love the shoes! may be I would finally have the courage to shop online... and bandra sounds awesome! will try to make it :)

  6. So you wrote after a long long time!

  7. So you wrote after a long long time!

  8. I am reading Cold Feet and enjoying so much!! Ladli is awesome! As I read Your blog from time to time, I can not detach the story from You but this hidden Meenakshi just makes the whole more like running in the blood stream.

  9. M G Road is much more central, law college is way too far

  10. So done with the book, at least for the first time. I may read it again to enjoy words like loathe and lechy and the others I even forgot, that is why would reread. So really enjoyed. Sometimes lost among the many characters so I had to identify the particular one from something but they are exciting! I love how You suddenly retold certain situations from another character's angle, like a collaged piece.
    A loved to see that real women exist in India who can, or they find the way, to deal with their self.
    Great writing! Happy that You wrote, thank you!

  11. Aww, I missed it. Had to get to some chores over the weekend. And btw, MG road is no longer 'central' considering how Pune is growing like an octopus :)


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