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30 April 2013

If it's Sunday, it must be Bangalore

Time for more book tour related travel!

This time, I'm heading down South on Friday morning, to my fatherland on Friday, and Bangalore on Saturday. Here are some copies of the invites, please share WIDELY.

Cochin, FRIDAY, MAY 3!!

6 pm

Penguin Store, Bay Pride Mall, Marine Drive, Shanmugham Road, Ernakulam

I'm excited about this, because my father says it's one of the prettiest bookstores ever--it's right on the sea front with a huge glass window you can watch the ships through. So I really hope readers in Cochin will be able to join me.


6.30 pm!!

Oxford Bookstores!!

1 MG Mall, Upper Ground Floor, 1/2 Swami Vivekananda Road!!

Opposite Taj Vivanta!!

Psyched about Bangalore also, because a) the Good Thing is going to be there so it'll be a book launch reunion (yay) and b) I've been looking forward to having a chat with Sumeet Shetty for a while--he runs the biggest corporate book club in the country, and yes, I didn't know 'corporate' and 'book club' could go together either, so I'm wondering what his secret was of getting shirts to read. Plus, in Bangalore, I'd love to go out for drinks or whatever after, if anyone is free. (Cochin, I'd offer you the same deal, but I need to go see my gran.)

In both cities, I'll be giving writing tips, so aspiring authors and shy owners of manuscripts, please come with any questions you might have and I'll do my best to answer them.


  1. Can't go out for drinks on Sunday. Elections on May 5, so...

  2. Just like you don't like your books to be classified as 'chick-lit', corporates don't like to be referred to as 'shirts'. Also, just because we work in a corporate environment, it does not necessarily mean that we aren't as (if not more) well read as you. I'm saying none of this with any malice. Good luck with your book tour :)

  3. Awwww...It's too bad I'm not in Cochin now :( I would have loved to come :) Good Luck with your tour,eM :)

  4. Awesomeness. I'll be there at the Bangalore session :)


  5. Wow,

    Nice, warm welcome to cochin. Desperately waiting to meet you. Have never heard of any book stores in Bay Pride, i am living almost close to it. Hope you'll buy me coffee from food court. ha ha Kiddn.

    Anyways, Good luck with your book tour, travel safe.

    Lv Ya,



  6. Do visit Windmills Craftworks if you're in Bangalore. They brew their own beer (which is yum) and three walls of the place are lined with books. Lovely place.

    And then there's Toit, of course :)

  7. Was hoping Bangalore would be a stop. Makes me wish I picked up a paperback copy of your book instead of the Kindle version so that you could sign it. Can I be a fan girl and say that I'd love to meet for drinks after? Although, in this case, it will have to be non-alcoholic because of the elections.

    1. Is it a dry day on Saturday too? Oh dear.
      I've often wondered what authors will sign when there are only ebook versions.

    2. Yeah, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are all dry days. There is a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf right next to Oxford Bookstore in case you want to get a coffee later though.

    3. I want to tag along too! Btw Mystic, will places like Toit and B Flat be closed or will they just not be serving alcohol?

      - Pooja

    4. Pooja, I've heard that any place with a liquor license will be closed from Friday 5 PM to Sunday 5 PM. They won't even be allowed to serve food.

  8. bloody Hell .... He goes to Bay pride Mall ?!?

    Wish I Knew wen ... I have a feeling u wont post this, but if u read it, please cud u let me know wer ur dad did his schooling???

  9. Nice blog . All the best . Keep posting


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