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12 April 2013

The Con Master: An Update

If you cast your eye gently to the right, you'll see my number one most read post is about Anirudh Aiyar, called Do You Know This Man? Since that post was written in 2010, I have received SO. MANY. EMAILS about him, basically telling me what he's been doing all over the place, that I thought it deserved a part two.

So, here's what happened since the last time we spoke about him  deceiving a friend of mine.

The most interesting story I heard about ol' AA, was a collection of news links that a reader mailed me.  It turns out that he has had some run-ins with the law. In 2007, he was caught by the Colaba police for walking out of a restaurant without paying the bill and going to Mukesh Ambani's house and asking for a job.

On Thursday, Iyer was arrested by the Colaba police after he did not pay the Rs 1,800 bill at Tendulkar’s in Colaba. 

He was warned by the court and released after he promised the judge he would return to his hometown down south. But this is not the first time Iyer has been caught by the police.

He was brought to the Colaba police station earlier this month after he failed to pay for his dinner at Faryana Restaurant in Colaba.  
A few days later, he created a scene outside Ambani’s Cuffe Parade home claiming the Reliance big man had promised him a job. The security had to call the police. 

Then there was a bizarre kidnapping case where he reported two UK based girls missing and that someone had called him asking for a ransom of... Rs 350 crore. Yeah. This was in 2006.

 And then there's the story, also from 2006, about him issuing a bunch of cheques for a flat and they all bounced. It's a bit of a sadder story though, because allegedly he put his grandmother in a nursing home and that cheque bounced too. But, don't feel TOO bad for him because this also happened:

I've also been getting a lot of emails, the most recent one I'm not going to publish, but suffice to say, dear reader, that it's very likely that he does NOT have custody of two small children because his wife and friend died in a car crash. Unless he had them in the last three years.

Excerpts from reader emails:

Last year (August 2009), he came to my apartment through another roommate for a week saying similar story that he worked in PWC, and that he was some director in PWC and he later started a VC ( venture Capital) called hyper capital , and now  he is awaiting some fund to be transferred through some one in London to start graphic novel company. He talks pretty well, he kind of got hold of my roommate with his talks. later he got into some weird calls to US( ended up in 10K  in a month of telephone bill, and when numbers were traced all were phone SEX ) , and he  pretty much  depended on roommate even for food.He even tried to cheat our house owner with some weird real estate deals. . Things got worse when he couldn't pay 10K he took from my roommate , and he started pressurizing his to pay back the earliest.
One day , this guy left the house , giving the key to neighbor saying he got his money wired transferred from the "London" investor and that he is going to Tirupati. He informed my roommate that the 10K is kept in our house shelf.
When we came back, he took his laptop, SLR camera and there was no sign of the 10K in the shelf . It took this event for my roommate to realize this guy is a crook. we did some background check , and found he has cheated a call center with similar stories, he had many fake names. To be honest , he has just completed CA inter . All Harvard, LSE, London, NY stuffs  are lies. 2 days later he called the roomate , and said he is happy now , that he got his money transferred, and we said about the money not there in the shelf , he tried to blame it on  the neighbour. We planned a plot, to get this guy back to Chennai , we acted as if we believed him. Also, I felt as he is a pervert, and he act as a Casanova for whom any girl will fall for. He even said his network with  some senior VP of citi bank , who is working on the money transfer .A day after that , the guy came to our house, As planned we trapped him , and got him arrested . Through some influence , we did get the laptop and SLR camera , which he has sold at Chennai and bangalore respectively for very meager amount. Also, he did spent the money on his stay in lavish hotels in Bangalore and Tirupati. 
He was in Chennai central Jail till jan, by then I moved to US.


I guess I was one of his prey's too. I met him at Landmark, Pune. This guy came up to me and started a conversation, telling me that his car (some big expensive one!) had broken down and he had given it to the work shop and was passing time at Landmark. Then, we went to grab a cup of coffee. We met again after a duration of 6 months I guess for coffee.

He told me all these stories, that you have mentioned in your blog with exact same details. Only the last part of him falling sick is something I am unaware of, as I lost touch with him. I think he must have mentioned your friend, Ira also to me, maybe with a different name. It's really disgusting what he does. I always had a little doubt in him, because whatever big big future plans he used to have never seemed to quite work out. I never saw him coming from Mumbai to Pune in any of his cars. And, no cell phone! A little hard to believe.

and from the comments:
I know Anirudh since 1997 and we studied C.A. foundation course together in Madras. Since he couldn't get into a proper college he decided to do his B.Com through correspondence from University of Madras. Prior to that he was from Shishya School in Madras (Adyar). His mother did die in 1997 and I was actually there at the funeral. I felt pity for him and was in touch with him till 2002 after which I couldn't take his nonsense and decided he was not the kind of person I wanted to be friends with. Very surprising he was a C.A. Foundation Rank holder in 1997 (he wrote the November 1997 Exam). Post his C.A. Foundation he got into PWC through his mother's influence (she died soon after that). He has a younger brother who is far more decent and I believe he is in Australia right now.

Anirudh was always the kind of guy who would create a make-shift world around him and try to deceive others. He never had any ambitions in life and was a born loser. I never thought he would be a professional conman. He used to buy cars every 6 months as if money was falling out of the skies. It sometimes made me feel like I hadn't achieved anything as yet since we were only students then.

A few months back I received a phone call from Madras (I now live in UK). Turns out the call is from Anirudh. He tried to give me the same sob story but I wasn't but his crap. I figured he got my number from Facebook and the first thing I did after the call was delete my number from FB.

Just about 15 days later, I got 2 messages on FB from his room-mates at Madras. The letter is as below:

Karthikeyan Vaidhyanathan 09 September 2009 at 19:36 Report
This is Karthikeyan from Chennai, India. Do you know Anirudh Aiyar, who is a common friend in our Facebook list? Do you have his contact number? Please reply. Thank you.

Vivek Venkateswar 26 September 2009 at 09:07
Hi Karthik... Anirudh's contact details are on his profile on facebook.
Sent via Facebook Mobile

Karthikeyan Vaidhyanathan 26 September 2009 at 21:52 Report
but it is nothing but my apartment number :( thats y i asked you. Sorry to disturb you. But we caught him. He had accepted everything when we handed over him to police...

Vivek Venkateswar 05 October 2009 at 12:42
What is he is the Police for?

Karthikeyan Vaidhyanathan 08 November 2009 at 11:06 Report
for theft of camera and laptop and some other issues also

Vivek Venkateswar 09 November 2009 at 11:22
I am shocked... If he has stolen, he needs to be with the police.

Karthikeyan Vaidhyanathan 09 November 2009 at 18:28 Report
he did :( even we didnt expect that... but he did... do u know him? why he became like that?

Vivek Venkateswar 11 November 2009 at 10:26
I really don't know what happened to him... We were very close friends from 1997 to 2002 and studied for our CA together... Didn't really want to keep in touch with him after that as he was getting into wrong company... Guess this is what happens!!!
and lots more in the comments section.

The interesting thing is how many other con stories there were, it was like people got together to share who they'd been cheated by, not just this guy but a famous blogger apparently (still guessing who it is!) and a chick and loads of other people going around the country deceiving people, for what? A sick sense of control?

The whole Bitty Mohanty thing made me think of Anirudh Aiyar again, and the most recent email, promising to marry someone (the one I alluded to earlier, with the fact that he has custody of two children). But also, I must say, over the years, when the hurt faded away from our memories, I'm beginning to regard him with a certain fascination. How is he doing it with mostly the same name? Isn't he scared of being caught? Does he know people are discussing him on the internet? I guess none of the things he's doing--except for the stealing--is a crime, and even with theft, he's only choosing to steal little things, small amounts of cash, defaulting on a bill and so on, which most people won't have the patience to take him to court for. Still, it's interesting to know he's still at large, still playing, who knows, maybe he'll wash up in your city next. Or my doorstep. Can't imagine I'm his favourite person at the moment.


  1. I think this guy deserves a screenplay! :-D fascinating character! Reminds me of Bunty Chor.

  2. Hmmm....a real-life Oye Lucky! But with less devotion to his lover(s).

    1. Oye Lucky was based on a real-life character! Duh!

    2. This guy is still very much active and is still spinning different stories. It is amusing about how he denies the things about him in this blog.

    3. he actually knows about the blog? i wondered about that. :)

  3. I'm interested in knowing how he has gotten by so long if he is so bad. How is it that he is still doing what he's doing? Or is it sour grapes on some people's part that he didn't give them what they wanted? Something doesn't add up here.

  4. Yes he is in Mumbai. He makes a woman feel like the most important person in his life...and then hurts you.

  5. If anyone knows if he got married in the past couple of months, I'd really like to know.

  6. Damnnn its weird to see his face on here. I just met this guy in a hostel in Delhi. He calls himself Aniruddha Iyer. And he told me a fascinating story about that he was in mumbai to do paperwork on his house there and that he originally lives in manhattan. He got robbed off all his stuff in jaipur and thats how he ended up in Zostel Delhi. Now he has to wait for his pasport to be sent from america. He told me that he was sort of an investment banker and sold his company for millions. He could live from it the rest of his life. Now he was building a house in new hampshire. Also with a new business. He is starting a oldtimer car shop. He knew a lot about cars. And he has a wife too. She is jehova. And he is learning about it. She also has 2 kids who he sees as his own. And there where also stories about harvard and his grandfather was supposed to be head off justice in india. Somewhere along the road off incredible stories i started to doubt him and looked him up and found this site. Crazy too think that this blog is from 2010 already. I hope he didnt do anything to anyone. And if so he should still be at Zostel Delhi

  7. I guess he is Bangalore now and I got connected with him through a dating app. Thanks to the social distancing norms due to the pandemic that I didn't have to see this conman in person. He very much shares the same story. He hails from a influencial family of lawyers n his grand dad is chief justice of India. His parents died of a car crash and left him a fortune to last for an eternity. He is very sweet with his words and would compel you to believe he is real. But my gut said no he is not n looked up n found this. He says he is 42 and an Attorney in new york n has farm house somewhere downtown. He holds a green card and permanent residency of UK. He says he is incorrigible. Now I know what he meant. I'll surely confront him (over a call for sure). But others please beware of this. He still calls him Aniruddha Om Iyer.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Thanks for the update. So he still is in bangalore & he still is up to his mischief. He burnt a lot of bridges here in Chennai & cheated way too many people.

      Is there a way we can get in touch? I really wish to tell you about this guy, so you have enough ammo when you confront him.

    2. He is in Bangalore. I met him through a dating app. Everything people have mentioned is giving me chills right now. He told me the same stories...That he comes from a royal family, owns a private jet, a 260 m yatch, his grandfather was chief justice, his parents died in a car accident. He has no family left. He has mansions in the UK, US, Italy etc. I don't like to date super rich guys and I told him so. So he'd tell all these stories about studying in the UK and law in Harvard that he has a firm in NY but he also served as a soldier in the UK for a year or so. It was all fascinating but I kept finding holes in his stories. For example, he said he went on 675 missions as a soldier. How can that be if he served for a year. I kept catching his little lies. I think he realized I won't be easy to fool and we didn't meet or talk again. I was very disturbed for a few days. I kept thinking God knows what I just escaped. He had mentioned that he wants to take me and my three year old on a trip on his private Jet. Then he said we should carry our passports too. I kept wondering later who this guy was exactly...a human trafficker or a con man or a pedophile...? I just thanked my stars that I'm very well informed about US politics, foreign cultures and such to catch his lies. Can you believe he said he meets with Donald Trump for legal work and is a prodigy of Warren Buffet and friends with Jeff Bezos and a family friend of the UK Royal Family...I'm just writing a tiny little fraction of it all. He talked like a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
      Experiences like this shakes my faith in humanity sometimes.

    3. I’ve just been introduced to someone in Bombay with the same name ie Aniruddha Aum Iyer with unfortunately similar stories about his family history.
      He claims to be a defence lawyer based in NYC - top confidential connects to people in positions of power. Sprawling homes in NY and London. He has two sister’s who are twins. Claims to have enough wealth to last 500 years but travels by cabs in Bombay and lost his iphone so has a Samsung! 🤣
      Does anyone have a picture of this guy?

    4. I meet this guy on 7 Dec, 22 he is a conman and his adhar card name is aniruddha Aum Iyer he is in Mumbai, Byculla and bragged me about all the shit and he lives in NY and has home in England have classic cars collections and have love for stereo players and lives in Chennai he has sisters and he in Mumbai for shopping of marbles and accessories as he is building his ancestors house in chennai and he is the 9th gen lawyer in his family

    5. I meet this guy on 7 Dec, 22 he is a conman and his adhar card name is aniruddha Aum Iyer he is in Mumbai, Byculla and bragged me about all the shit and he lives in NY and has home in England have classic cars collections and have love for stereo players and lives in Chennai he has sisters and he in Mumbai for shopping of marbles and accessories as he is building his ancestors house in chennai and he is the 9th gen lawyer in his family

  8. Ok people. So he's here in Ahmedabad. I came across him on a dating site and we planned to meet today, but before that I thought I'd Google him up and I landed here. Thank goodness for that.

  9. The documentary on Netflix Simon Leviv reminded me of him.

  10. He is still continuing same in Mumbai,

  11. It is interesting that after all these years this guy is still conning people with a bit of a difference in his story every time! Way back in 2005, me and a couple of my friends were hired by him to work as corporate trainers for big companies. Ofcourse it was all a lie and we soon realised he is just a sweet talker and has many imaginative stories to tell about his family. The fact that this person is still using stories of his imaginative family in 2022 too, is hilarious. Be safe everyone, stay away from him.


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