16 May 2013

If it's the weekend, I'm probably not in Delhi

By popular (which in this case means an aunt) demand, I will be doing a reading in Hyderabad this weekend. So exciting!!

Here's the invite:


6 pm!!
Landmark Bookstore, Banjara Hills!!

I'll be in conversation with Kinnera Murthy who is with a bookclub with the coolest name: The Bindass Bakwaas Bookclub. Also, like Bangalore, I will be happy to give tips to aspiring writers or anyone who would like some life advice, really. Or you know, talk about my cat.

Drinks afterwards would also be very welcome.



  1. Wow. I've a silent reader of this blog for long. I have your previous 2 books and I love them.

    But I'll be away for another meeting that day :( How I wish I could meet you! And get some life advice, or talk about cats.

    Wish you all the luck.

  2. I asked someone traveling to India to get me Coldfeet. Hws bout quick tip to wanna be rom-com writer like me?!

  3. Missed it. Saw your post little too late. Anyways, will buy your book. :)

  4. Back here after so long. Feels good! Going to catch up on your writing now :D

  5. I've been a silent reader of this blog since long..and I have always wanted to meet you and get advice as an aspiring writer..and I stay in Hyd...and I somehow missed your post..!!What a shame...anyway, I hope the reading went well...:)


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