26 August 2015

Bitesize: Why are some names more popular than others?

Ruminations on the names of the Mahabharata
Storified by Meenakshi Madhavan · Wed, Aug 26 2015 09:08:55
Muse: some names in the Mahabharata more popular than others. The 5 Pandavas live on today, but no little girls called Draupadi.
@reddymadhavan the other name of Draupadi, Krishnaa is still relevant.
Actually, not all five. When’s the last time you met a Yudhistra?
@reddymadhavan I think Yudhistira is still common up North, but names like Sahadev and Draupadi have fallen out of fashion.
& then the older gen: no Kuntis, no Madris, no Gandharis. All very pretty names. Pritha (Kunti’s other name) still popular though.
@reddymadhavan that's because they're not their names! They're titles indicating origin or parentage.
I guess no one wants their kid to be a Bheema. Poor fellow, full of devotion, but not very sexy. @charitmay
& then deeper into Hindu mythology: no Brahmas (but he was cursed to be forgotten), even though everyone else is a popular name.
No Vyasas or Dritarashtras. You don’t want to name your kid after the bad guy (Duryodhana)
but you’re ok w/your kid bearing the name of a kid who died at 16 (Abhimanyu) or the illegitimate warrior (Karna)
I think it’s interesting what parents want their kids to inherit: hero, swift, beautiful etc. Not virtuous, or strong.
@reddymadhavan Why would then even dhrishtrashtra name his sons such? A school of thought suggests its suyodhan and sushaashan!

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