17 November 2015

Today in Photo

What I've been reading. Clockwise from top: 1) Book Of Unknown Americans will make you cry. A specially good read with today's refugee crisis being what it is. Granted this is about immigrants to the US but it touches on similar themes of loneliness and alienation. 2) Stasiland is one of the best pieces of non fiction I've ever read. Anna Funder talks to people who lived through the Berlin Wall. Powerful crazy read. 3) Longbourne is Pride And Prejudice from the view of the servant's hall and it's every bit as good as the premise. 4) Mythology by Edith Hamilton is an ongoing read, part of my Read A Book About A Country In That Country list. Amazing. That and Bullfinch (free on Gutenberg!) has me covered. #nowreading #bookstagram

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