15 February 2016

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Just finished reading Eating India by Chitrita Banerjee which I had very high hopes for and which turned out to be.. okay. Everything she ate through India as an NRI had to be turned into a paean on Bengali food, which I have nothing against but then the book should have been described as "eating India as a Bengali." no surprises that the author is a Bengali food expert but I wish she had dug deeper. Now going very very far away with The Once And Future King which is based on the legend of King Arthur and which I scored this gorgeous hardbound collector's edition of. It features among its delightful characters, a talking owl named Achilles so I'm already fathoms deep in love with it even though it's hard on the wrists when you're lying down in bed. #nowreading #250in2016 #readingchallenge #bookstagram

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