7 February 2016

Today in Photo

"[...] I just hate the way architects and city planners and everyone else responsible for urban life seems to have lost sight of what cities are for. They are for people. That seems obvious enough, but for half a century we have been building cities that are for almost anything else: for cars, for businesses, for developers, for people with money and bold visions who refuse to see cities from ground level, as places where people must live and function and get around. Why should I have to walk through a damp tunnel and negotiate two sets of stairs to get across a busy street? Why should cars be given priority over me? How can we be so rich and so stupid at the same time?" #nowreading #250in2016 #readingchallenge #bookstagram #billbryson

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  1. :) Love your posts. Definitely adding this to my reading list. Thank you for sharing.


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