29 March 2016

Today in Photo

K's parents sent me a hand mixer to take my cakes to a new level, so of course, yesterday we had to try it out. Behold: lemon pound cake with vanilla buttercream frosting, layered with the same. The pound cake is delicious, very light and fluffy, but frosting is my nemesis. However it's still better than the frosting I've made before and hopefully a night in the fridge has made it set a bit. Soon we'll be pros. #baking #domesticgoddess

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  1. Isnt a hand mixer the same as an electric beater?

  2. Also do you line the pan with parchment paper or just grease?
    Oh and you were terrific on vikram's show on sat. Loved.

  3. Thank you :)

    I'm not sure if it's the SAME-same thing. My flatmate had one in Bombay which was just one whirring soup-making rod thing. This one has several different attachments. Like a mini Kitchen Aid? (I'm not describing it very well!)
    For loaf cakes, I just use canola oil on the bottom and sides, but for my round cake pan, I use parchment.


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