12 April 2016

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I think the first Disney Jungle Book was my favourite film of all time: no princesses, no love stories, just a little brown kid and his animal friends. I got the original book when I was nine, a gorgeous hard bound illustrated copy and I could never go back to the Disney version again. Kipling's The Jungle Books has a jungle that's a lot more dangerous for a little boy. There are still his animal friends but their respect has to be earned. Also ALSO some of the best stories in the book (because it's not just about Mowgli) are where humans are not involved at all, like The White Seal, a story I love. I know old Rudyard was meant to have an imperialist agenda etc but he was a fine children's writer, as even Just So Stories will prove. Watch the new movie by all means (I'm going today) but think of it as a companion piece to Kipling's excellent work which has no orang utans since they're not found in India ANYWAY Disney, do some research. #bookstagram #thejunglebooks

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  1. I soo forgot..How could they leave out Tabaqui in the latest one! Yes, the only princess stories we ever read was 'A little princess' who lives in the attic.


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