21 April 2016

Today in Photo

Back to Begumpur Masjid with my mother yesterday evening, enjoyed how surprised she was at the massive courtyard in the middle and we walked to the top of the arches and looked at the view. It really feels like my private monument but sadly I don't think it's going to last for very long. A section of the ceiling has already collapsed, there are houses in the neighbouring village built right up next to it and there are men drinking in every corner. How can I get the Aga Khan Foundation or someone with money interested in this place? It's worth preserving, and if one was to charge an entry fee, there'd be money in it too. Anyone know anyone? #begumpurmasjid #delhidiary via Instagram

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  1. You Can Contact :

    Ajay Kumar
    Director, Projects
    INTACH Delhi Chapter
    71, Lodhi Estate
    New Delhi-3
    Dedicated for Conservation
    Phone no. 01141035557


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