31 December 2016

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And here we go, my 200th book of the year and my reading challenge completed by the skin of my teeth. I didn't mark re-reads only new books, which is why it took me so long to finish. Next year I'm sticking to 150 new books in the hope that I won't have to do this desperate race till the end. Spent a long time deciding which book to end the year with and Tiny Beautiful Things, a collection of advice columns by Dear Sugar writer Cheryl Strayed seemed to be the best way to see 2016 out. Her writing is so tender, it sounds like she loves you, the reader, and that's what I needed. Especially since I have a head cold and a slight sore throat and parties tonight will probably be not very late ones. I hope all of 2017 is "tiny beautiful things." #bookstagram #200in2016 #nowreading #mrmbookclub

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