1 March 2017

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Took me aaaaages to finish Paul Auster's latest, a gargantuan book with multiple time lines in the style of The Post Birthday World or Life After Life. It's a device I've always admired (even thinking of making a stab at it myself) but I'm not sure how I feel about the book. It was well written, but could have done with stricter edits and I'm not a person who normally advocates editing, I love a long rambling story but after a while the multiple Fergusons (the hero who lives four lives, thus the title) began to think and feel and do in one rambling sentence which went on page after page after page. Got to be a bit of a plod wading through the last quarter, but still ambitious and did I mention well written? The sentences sing. #150in2017 #bookstagram #mrmbookclub

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