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29 March 2017

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A book I've been wanting to read for a very long time Selfish, Shallow And Self Absorbed is a collection of essays by authors on why they chose a child free life. I'm at the stage where my parent vs non parent friends are evenly split but as more and more people peel off "my" side to join the other, I'm wondering. Debating. Indecisive. I thought I wanted kids and now I think I don't want them so where does that leave me, a woman of 35? I feel no need to parent, the only reason I can give myself is "maybe one day I'll regret it" and this book is just what I wanted because they don't regret it, these authors and with all of the media and society telling you that you MUST have a baby, there's so few of the other voices. Read it if you're in the same place I am or even if you're entertaining a toddler as you read this post just to see what you missed. #nowreading #bookstagram #150in2017 #mrmbookclub

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  1. I was in the same place as you are. I started out with thinking I want kids... when you are young and in love it seems the most obvious thing that you'll get married and have kids. Then you grow up and see the world and observe yourself and are able to make a decision based on how you feel rather how others think you should feel about these things.

    I even got married thinking I was ready to settle down and have kids. But guess what? Soon enough I found out that I had no interest! I interact well with other people's kids (well, the well behaved ones, at least), but I never felt the need to mother a human child. I'm happy with my canine ones. And as the years go by, I feel even more strongly about people who want to live child-free lives... a kind of kinship. I'm also so happy that more and more people are making their own decisions about this instead of giving in to societal and parental pressures.

    Excuse my rambling, I not in a good place right now, so I can't make the effort to be more coherent.

  2. Sorry to hear that. :/ Do you want to talk about it?

  3. Oh, it has nothing to do with having/not having children :)
    My not-so-good-place is about my pets' health issues. One dog paralyzed in the hindquarters and the other one going through gastrointestinal issues that could get life-threatening if we aren't careful about her food intake. My husband and I are dealing fairly well with it, I think. It does get overwhelming at times, but we've been lucky in that our workplaces allow us flexibility of hours and working from home.

    Say hello to your cats for me. And squish that darling Squishy for me. I <3 her coat/color!

  4. Oh! so good to read about this. Am 34 and I 'almost' sure I want none of my own. Guess by the time I'll be 'really' sure, I cant have any anyway! :) Will definitely read. Thank you.
    - Avisha


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