4 March 2017

Today in Photo

I discovered this book down an Amazon bookstore rabbit hole and was instantly intrigued by the cover blurb: the greatest novel you've never read. Huh. At 4 am yesterday, when I finally finished it from cover to cover and came out for breath, completely shattered in its wake, I understood what that reviewer meant. Quickly though: this is the story of a man named William Stoner (not as you might think, a novel about a pot smoker) and his unremarkable quiet life as a professor, as a husband, and as a father. What moves me so much is the way his life is set out in front of you like you're watching it from right next to him. The New Yorker, Guardian and New York Times all have long essays on this book so go read those for more, but I would just pick this up unhesitatingly without reading any more about it. One of the best things I've ever read. Seriously. #mrmbookclub #bookstagram #150in2017

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