5 April 2017

Today in Photo

I may be a cat owner (okay, okay, owned by cats) but dogs were my first love and my first real pets. I remember all my mongrel friends well, Doogie and Cookie, Bobo who was sort of an Alsatian and how much I loved them and how much they loved me. I had to have this book. It's not quite the history of the pi dog as I was hoping but so much about India's history with dogs and gorgeous photos of indigenous breeds that aren't popular with city dog owners but look so much like the street dogs on every corner you're not even surprised. Did you know that there's a temple for this one brave dog in Madhya Pradesh? Did you know that you'd still have a purebred if you bought one of these dogs and you'd spend less on vet bills than you do on your huskies and your St Bernard's? OK, I'll stop lecturing, but read off. #nowreading #bookstagram #150in2017 #mrmbookclub

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