10 September 2017

Today in Photo

Wobbly legged after my latest experiment with fitness. As you all know: I hate exercise. Any form of it. I don't like being tired and sweaty and frankly, lack the motivation to get up off my ass and work it. As you also know: I'm getting to the age where you can't just depend on metabolism and good genes to keep you in the shape to which you are accustomed. Walking is the least painful of all exercise forms for me and I'm combining it with watching television, which is a nice distraction. And because I hate commitment, this is a rented machine, mine for the month which means it'll never turn into a clothes horse like at home treadmills always do. I'm watching The Mindy Project here by the way and it's mindless TV that's going to get me through this month. #forcedtobefit #stupidsocietalstandardsforhealthandbeauty #yogaisboring

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