5 September 2017

Today in Photo

One of the only souvenirs we got back from our Europe trip was a vape. I wanted to go fully off smoking at home (still sticking to normal disgusting cigarettes when I'm out or drinking) before I told you all about it and since it's been about a week I think it's safe now. Today we've just changed the liquid inside for the first time since Amsterdam and are smoking coffee flavoured nicotine eliquid which is so fun and also so delicious. Enough nicotine in there (6 mg) so we're not missing cigarettes at home plus a slightly fancy machine so there's the whole drag and hitting the back of your throat experience. Recommend to anyone giving up smoking but do spend the money and get a higher end model because they're the only ones that will replicate a real cigarette. #vaping #delhidiary #wannabemillennials

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