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11 September 2019

Today in Photo

After four attempts and a little help from YouTube, I finally got my sari on yesterday. @shankar.charu was telling me about this sari pact group she has, where the challenge is to incorporate saris into your everyday life, just wear it all day to meetings and the like. I don't have meetings and I only have two cotton saris which I stole from my mum, but I liked the idea. Normalise the sari! A lot of people - - - including my mother - - do on a regular basis, but I was struggling even to get the garment ON so it was very much a special occasion thing for me. However yesterday I just put this on (one hour in advance to account for all my draping mistakes) and hosted friends for drinks and dinner and stayed cool and comfortable all evening! So I'm much more inclined to join this pact now, saris open up a whole new door of my fashion experiments. When winter comes I will break out my silks and have dinner with you. #whatiworetoday #saris

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