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30 September 2019

Today in Photo

Let it not be said that I practise favouritism in my photographs, it's just that taking a good photo of a black cat is HARD and has to be timed exactly right. That's why contrast and HDR filters are turned up to high on this photo of our sweet Squishy. He came to us as a foster kitten called Mr Noir (which is a great name but didn't suit him at all) and was insistent that we were his family, Olga and Bruno were his siblings and this was home. I mean, seriously. I have never seen a kitten more confident of his place in life. He took to climbing up our legs with his very sharp claws, leaving me with total kitten PTSD but he was so sure he was going to be petted at the other end, no amount of "Squishy, no!" had any effect. He is a very affectionate cat, very into people and attention but also very sure of his boundaries and so if you pet him longer than he likes, he will attempt to scratch or bite you. Which is not only very bad manners but also since he is roughly the size of a small dog, it can be painful. Over the years though, we've learned to identify his Asshole Ears, and push him away when they move into that position. #blackcatsofinstagram #squishy #rescuecat #adoptdontshop

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