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9 October 2020

The Internet Personified: The illustrated edition

Dear moonpies,

Surprise! I have drawn this newsletter for you! It’s partly because I am sort of half-heartedly doing a version of Inktober—that’s the yearly challenge where they give you drawing prompts all through October, and I’ve been meaning to draw more. I hope you can understand my handwriting, let me know a) what you think and b) if it’s legible. I’m sorry I haven’t written to you in a long time, but life has been fairly monotonous. Nice, but you know, same ol’, same ol’. (The sixth panel is supposed to have the word “night” but technical error.)


I finished Masaba Masaba on Netflix last week, which is this surprisingly fun show about Masaba Gupta, the designer and her mum, Neena Gupta, the actor. The twist is that the show is fiction, only “based on” real life. I liked it, I liked the body positivity, and the sexiness, and the storyline of being an older actor in Bollywood. I’d recommend it! Better than a lot of the other stuff on Netflix.

Stories I loved on the internet!

Blood fry and other recipes from my Dalit childhood made me want more food writing like this.

The story of the 19-year-old girl raped in Hathras.

Insults are my family’s love language.

I don’t know how to define this piece: babies? superstition? But I loved it and subscribed to the newsletter as soon as I read it. Isn’t it nice how much new writing is coming from people’s own newsletters and not just big media houses?

I will always link to an Arundhati Roy essay.

Judith Butler TAKES ON JK Rowling.

Ramona Quimby was my childhood BFF.

How work became an inexcapable hellhole.

Are you ageing correctly? (No.)

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Have a great week!



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