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6 December 2020

Today in Photo

Doing our jigsaw yesterday, looks like we're figuring out a crime or something. The Case of The Missing Pieces. Both K & I haven't done a jigsaw since we were kids and he was rather inclined to mock my "old lady pastime" but this jigsaw which I bought for myself from my mum for Diwali (only arrived yesterday though) is so engrossing we didn't realise how long we'd spent on it until I checked the clock, K's eyes burning, my back killing me, and we'd been sitting there for four hours straight after dinner. I was super intimidated by the size once I got it open but K began by helping me separate the pieces into themes and slowly got sucked in himself. It's mostly the genius of this jigsaw, it's called The World of Shakespeare and features an elaborate illustrated view of London, the Globe Theatre, London Bridge, the Tower, the river set in Elizabethean times and peopled with Shakespeare characters. "I found Juliet's head," I'd say triumphantly, while K constructed the murder of Ceaser. Amazing fun and so addictive. (Before you ask, off the big bad rhymes with Pamazon. Just search.) #jigsawpuzzle #shakespeare #cozywinternights

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