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15 September 2004

On the weekend

Considering NO-ONE commented on yesterday's post (Hima, April, I'm very disappointed!) I'm just going to continue with where I left off yesterday and tell you about the rest of my weekend.
Oh, my babel fish has suddenly transformed into German. Very wierd. I might need a babel fish for my babel fish!

Kelso was so sweet, he kept blushing whenever I flirted with him and when he left (his CURFEW was 1.30, oh god, I'm putting the moves on someone with an effing curfew!) I said, "Oh don't go, you've never partied with me and Dee." And he smiled with his dimples showing and said: "Well that will change". Awwwwwwwwwww... *mush*
But, damn, he's into some girl at his college. So no whippersnapper love for Mynna.
Okay the other guy I met was on Sunday at this coffee shop I really like called Mocha. His name is Shiva and he's a friend of Dee's (this is where if he's reading this, he suddenly starts paying attention!) He's nice, and reads and all, but as he didn't fail to inform me within the first half-an-hour of our meeting, he's "not into girls with short hair". :P whatever. Anyway, I've been complaining about the lack of male friends in my life, so there could be possibility there. (At ease, Shiva).
So that's what's been happening.

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