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13 May 2005

I see you baby, shaking that ass, all right don't touch me

We went to Aura last night, for Meg's birthday party. Well, actually, not so much a birthday party as a gathering of her friends who bought their own drinks and did their own thing. Prior to that, Iggy, Seema and I bought a half of Blue Moon vodka and finished it happily, happily in the parking lot of The Claridges. Oh yeah, also with us was Mehak, who by the way, makes blatant passes at K every time she sees him.

Mehak and I were once in TC together, Iggy and her Wonder Boy cooed to each other in a corner and since we hadn't met "properly" before, we started talking about what we do and why we do it etc. Random polite conversation. Then she takes off about K-- Why we broke up, do I still like him, does he still like me, how his brother is so hot and I'm looking at her thinking "Un-fucking-believable, this woman is trying to get me to give her the low down on my exboyfriend!" Since when did K become such an object of hotness amongst everybody, huh? When I look at him, he still looks the same, plus I was so the better looking person in our relationship.

But Mehak actually turned out to be quite nice. Apart from when my car cd player started I Will Survive, and she has this really, really loud, really grating singing voice. Imagine someone shrieking "At first I was afraid, I was petrifieddddddddddddd...." in your ear while you're peacefully cruising down empty roads. Luckily, two bottles of coke with vodka in it were being passed around and so Iggy, who was sitting in the front seat, and I, just exchanged looks and started cracking up.

Aura is really very nice. I had reviewed it before and they had these three foreign bartenders--one Brit and two French guys. The Brit guy, called either Mike or Andy, I forget which, was really hot. Dee had come with me for that review and the two of us spent most of our time talking to him, giggling a bit because of all the vodka cocktails they kept giving us. (Aura specialises in vodka cocktails, by the way, and the drinks are excellent and I know I don't normally recommend anything other than TC, but I feel this place deserves a plug. So go drink there--very nice music, very chilled out, slightly pricey but better than most hotel pubs. It's at the Claridges. There now my advertisement for the day is over) Anyway, so midway chatting to Mike/Andy, I noticed Dee was beginning to talk like a British Colonel. I nudged her, giggling a little more, but she totally ignored me and went on this British accent trip. I asked her why she did that when we left and she claimed she hadn't noticed. "I was debating trying my French on him," she told me. "It's a good thing you didn't, because of those French bartenders there," I said, grinning. "Yeah." Pause. "But he was so hot." "Totally." Then we took a moment to contemplate the hotness of M-Andy.

Anyway, last night I looked around hopefully for Mandy, but he was nowhere to be seen. Damn. I did meet K's brother Rahul though, who Seema leched at from her corner on the sofa. Rahul is very, very hot--tall and lean and chiselled face--the works. I was sorta attracted to him for a bit while I was dating his brother and I hated myself for it. But even though Rahul is hot and all, and only two months older than me (K is 13 months younger) him and I would probably wind up shooting each other if we had ever had a scene. For one thing he's very stiff about stuff like smoking (He once told K, "Y'know, I love eM, but she smokes like a fucking chimney!") for another, he's very into having his "women" well-groomed and always sexy and always waxed and never end-of-the-day tired, which I don't think I have the energy to handle. I like to dress up sure, but I'm happiest in a t-shirt and jeans. But Seema leched and Mehak leched and then I told them he was leaving for the US tomorrow (ie today) but they leched all the same.

Oh and I met two new boys (no, not worth dating, not hot and "working in daddy's business"). But one of them used to ride and he said, "Oh we should go for a ride some morning." I seriously felt like I had fallen through some time warp and was in the 19th century suddenly. Do people actually say, "We should go for a ride"? But after I was done giggling (because Seema bought me a Red Devil--chilli infused vodka with watermelon juice--incredible) I said, "Sure, that sounds like fun." Because even if he was fat, he seemed sweet. And I should have some sweet people in my life, right?

And there's an ex-office party tomorrow, which should also be fun and drunken. So much for being anti-social. Still, inner zen is coming along nicely.


  1. "Red Devil--chilli infused vodka with watermelon juice"

    Wow! I can't imagine what that tastes like. D's sister and her husband just got back from a resort in Mexico and she's raving about a Purple Hooter Martini:

    3 Parts Vodka
    1 Splash Chambord Raspberry Liquor
    1 Splash Sweet & Sour Mix
    1 Drop Lemon Juice
    1 Dash Extra Dry Vermouth

    No idea where the name came from...

  2. The Red Devil and its motorcity cousin, the Detroit Red Devil, involve a bit more than that. Atleast some Southern Comfort, a sprinkling of Triple Sec... *slurrppppp*

    Inner zen and Grandma Funk are meant for each other. It takes a woman of your inner peace to figure that one out. Go, eM !!

  3. You seem to party more in a week than I have in the last one year!!! There was a time when a bunch of us friends used to visit a local pub, Thousand Oaks, quite regularly for beer. They have a cocktail called B52 which is set on fire when they give it to you. :) I am not sure whether you are supposed to extinguish it before you drink or not.

    I didn't understand a single thing in Vignesh's comment. Am I getting too old? :))

  4. Anurag: Time for another conversation without eM... man, I love those ;)

    The Red Devil and its motorcity cousin, the Detroit Red Devil, involve a bit more than that. Atleast some Southern Comfort, a sprinkling of Triple Sec... *slurrppppp*

    I was referring to the drink eM was referring to. I had a Detroit Red Devil (or maybe it was the Detroit Red Wing, named after their ice hockey team) which consisted of more than what eM described her drink as. As I stated, it had a bit of SC and triple sec. A most excellent drink, I have to agree.

    Inner zen and Grandma Funk are meant for each other. It takes a woman of your inner peace to figure that one out. Go, eM !!

    Inner zen is what eM has been talking about in her past two posts. Grandma funk being the person named in that song (Fat Boy Slim, Groove Armada - absolute amazing song when high and/or drunk to dance to). Hence the shoutout to the fine women (eM and granny funk) who realise the true meaning of inner peace.

    And I have had B52s but never flaming. I thought the point was to layer the coffee, almond liquer and the irish cream, so it looked all purrrrty and stuff... but most flaming shots are mean to be extinguished - cover the shot glass by the palm of your hand, and its ready to drink when the flame dies out and there nice vaccum between the glass and your palm (since the flame eats up most of the air in there, the shot glass will actually stick to your palm). The caramalized liquer goes down smooooth !!

    Oh and hi again, eM !! ;)

  5. Talking about red-devils and such-like, try the afterburner#2 (Shot of Absolut with a few drops of Tabasco), and two favorites that were crafted and named by a bartender friend at B'bay's Silly Point a long time ago: Dynamite (Vodka with fresh ginger juice) and RDX (Vodka with green chilli extract). (On second thought, maybe he wasn't really a friend)

  6. I'm starting to think "inner zen" is a code name for your latest guy :-)

  7. Mint: The purple hooter martini sounds excellent. I'm just confused about the "hooter" (I get that purple probably comes from the raspberry.

    Vignesh: I think this Red Devil also had some Triple Sec.

    Anurag: Ive heard of the B52 also--Sambuca, right? But then the version I was told involved the bartender setting fire to it after it was in your mouth!

    Fingeek: You a flavoured vodka fan too? :)

    Motheater: And I'm wondering at the thought processes that led you to that deduction!!! Tell, tell :)

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