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30 July 2005

Drugs, rock and roll, late night booty calls, shiny disco balls

Just returned from fashion show with lots of red wine and pretty people. Rina Dhaka's to be exact. What is with people and not wearing bras anymore? Granted I have gone without the support sisters quite a bit, but I' perky ya know? Some of the models at this show weren't. And I'm talking about sag city. Breasts reaching till your toes and all that. Bras were invented for a reason, ladies! And while we're on the subject, Rina, Rina, Rina. Black bra, black top. Not white push-up under your transparent black top. Please.

Actually, it's a funny story. Priya met Rina Dhaka in the ladies loo of the Oberoi before I got there. (I asked her to come along to keep me company) And Rina Aunty was chanting away, you know, the regular Buddhist stuff, Nam Myo Ho and all that. And so, when we stood outside, she came up to us to say hello. Which I loved Priya for, because normally, the Dhaka-lady is very media shy. Which is just a polite way of saying she won't talk to us. Not ever. But this time she was all gushy and ooh-y and I just made the most of the situation. "Tell us something about your collection," I said while she went on about how she had only called the prime media groups. (I felt very kicked at this point).

Sharan Mishra was modelling tonight too. She's this short haired model, with a large ass and who perpetually has her mouth open while she sashays up and down the ramp. If it's open-mouthed, it's got to be Sharan. Or Amanpreeth Something-or-the-other.

Also, we had a pleasant surprise today, because just as we were bitching about the men in our lives, who should walk by but Damien. Priya lurves him, absolutely. And he was compering, which was really quite odd, because I've never had a friend who compered before. It was sooo cool. Damien had a cold, so he had this "straight" voice--very deep and masculine. It was most funny. And after that we all went for drinks to this place in GKII. (which I must recommend. It's called Flames, and dude, the rum and coke is for some thirty bucks! So excellent!)

I've been meeting a lot of fellow bloggers recently too. Met with Motheater and AB at TC, whichj was a big surprise because a) I didn't know they went to TC and b) I certainly wasn't expecting to see them there after all the TC abuse that AB has done EVERY SINGLE TIME I MEET HER. (Actually, I also expected Motheater to look green-and-white, but then we're not going into how I think bloggers should look like their templates because then I should look black and brown). Annieway. I also met with Jabberwock, the Duck of Destiny and the Letterhead for drinks the other day--but then, except for the Letterhead I have met everyone else before, so really nothing major to say there. Except that I always feel the need to be more compulsive confessor-y when I meet new people who read the blog. Bouncier, and I guess, more out there than I would normally be. Does anyone else have the same problem, or is it only me that feels the need to match her internet personality with real life?

What else, what else? Boston Boy and I are also going swimmingly. We spent a long evening in the pursuit of a hook-up and I'm happy to report that *ahem* things went well in that department. Very well. He is so sweet for not trying anything further. I don't know why I always expect guys to go further, to probe harder, to be assholic, to fuck with me. It's like Priya was saying the other day--we're addicted to people treating us badly. I think that's a problem with our entire sex. We can't just have a good time without waiting for the rejection and I know this is true for me at any rate, if someone doesn't hurt me, I always wonder what's wrong with them. I'm too used to the fuckwittage.

It has been brought to my attention that people I work with read this blog. (See, this is why I don't write about work!) But hello, hello to you and if you do read this and you do work with me, come up to my desk and say hi. Please? C'mon I won't bite. (Unless you ask me to, very nicely).

And Boston Boy and I went for the Marut Sikka book launch the other day. The food was bloody excellent, but otherwise it was a pretty uneventful evening. Boston Boy spent the entire evening looking for the men with snacks. (Here come the men with snacks, the ones that you remem-be-er, here come the men with snacks, the galaxy defe-en-ders!) Ooh, and it was at QBA, where I've never been. But that's all that I can find of interest to tell you about that. But I murmured into my wine, which I drink a lot of at these dos. I don't know why. Perhaps it's because it takes a lot of glasses of wine to get me drunk. Or perhaps it's because it's so bloody expensive everywhere else. I remember taking the Cousin out to TC and she ordered a glass of red and it was some 395 rupees! Dude! I only spend a hundred on my own Old-Monk-And-Coke. And she spilt half of it too.

And it must be said. My dad just came back from the Issttes of Umrica and he bought me Pleasures and I smell so good! No, really, this is not me being conceited. I really smell good, thanks to bloody Estee Lauder. It's funny how all my feeling of well-being comes out of a round glass bottle, but it really does. I love perfume. Isseymiyaki on men makes me want to love them in A/C cars and Pleasures on women makes me feel straight haired and armpit bagged. Nice, no?


  1. too much information i assure you...i can even smell the estee lauder now...boy! AM I perverted?

  2. Completely understand. And who says money can't buy you fragrant, pheromonic, bottled happiness?

  3. psychedelic: I have toyed with the idea of covering fashion but decided against it because it really doesn't interest me that much. Once in a while is okay, but not ALL the time :)

    tama: I HAVE to give too much information! What part of compulsive confessor are you not getting? Hehehehe.. you think it was too much though? I thought it was subtle and lighthearted :)

    l.i.t: Hey your initials are one of my favourite drinks!

    chamique: Indeed. And who says money also can't buy you a stronger body image? :) I am SUCH a product whore

  4. SOrry for posting this on the wrong thread, but no, I was not the one with the French beard and I am not yet ready to be even caught dead wearing green. I am quite easy to spot actually, just look for someone fitting the 'very mallu' look.

    And yes, the braless look, it is so done and passe now, it was such a huge fuss some 3-4 years back when, was it Rohit Bal?, it first made its way to India, even after that it has been still something of a huge thing.

    While you are at flames, try the lamb sesame something something (it is the only dish of its kind on the menu), it will give you a lot of heartache and other aches the morning after, but by good lord it rocks. Always tastes best with chilled beer and vodka on the rocks with a pinch of salt and a bit nimbu afterwards.

  5. I have to confess, of all the assignments I've been on fashion shows have been the most mind-deadening. More than the MEA briefing, more than VHP press conferences, even more than a Microsoft presser. Two fashion shows and one Lakme fashion week --and I think that's as much fashion as i can handle for the rest of my life.

  6. For whatever reason I hardly wear perfume but my cousin just got me BVLGARI BLV from duty-free in Amsterdam and it is fan-freaking-tastic.

  7. codey: What's a "typical Mallu" look? Mustache etc? And yeah, I've tried the lamb sesame thing--very nice :)

    sunshine woman: I'm not that big a fan of fashion shows either. It's just that once in a while, they're fun...and they give me PLENTY to blog about :)

    satchiisgod: Noooooooo, not the page 3 comparision AGAIN!!! :)

    flower child: It IS cheaper. And less shady. It's in the GKII M-Block market, not to be confused with the main M-Block market in GK-I.

    mint: Ooh, BVLGARI! My first boyfriend bought me a bottle for our very first Valentine's Day together. What can I say? He was LOADED, and no that's not why I was dating him!

    sharmini; Thanks! I NEVER tire of hearing that. And Cool Water rocks, absolutely. :)

  8. em: typical mallu look being the very southie skin tone; No moustache though, Ew!, not in this crappy del weather, worst it gets to be is an overgrown stubble.

  9. Im just going to ignore that first paragraph and move on.

    Strangely, I felt the same way about Motheater. Even though I never used to read her blog before I met her ;)

    Its not your race, its our generation. We have all been mindfucked so many times over, its almost like tripping on something sick these days.

    Hmm.. Im shifting to better mode of communication ! ;)

  10. So babe you have been chatting Rina Dhaka up. Isn't she amazingly artificial?

  11. Oooooo.... Pleasures :) (One of my faves too...)

    (Other faves include Thais, Eau d'Eden,...)

  12. When are you lot coming to London for your next blog meet?

  13. Hey, I was at the Marut Sikka book launch too! Where do you work?


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