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31 March 2006

Multiple choice

Things I could blog about now include:

a) Nasty men who have something against women bloggers and start their own blogs in hope of what? Attention? Traffic? More hits? This pisses me off no end, and no, I'm not going to link because the last thing I would want to do is give them what they want, but really, why do you hate us, oh anonymous male blogger? If you prick us, will we not bleed? If you tickle us, will we not laugh? If you want even one tenth of our lifestyles, will we not seize the moment, kick you in the balls and walk away? I think the answer to all of the above is hell, yeah.

b) Meeting people, who comment on the blog, and were one of the few remaining people in the WORLD who didn't know who I *really* am. I am giving myself a shout-out for recognising him, because of a "Fidel Castro hat" he once mentioned on a comment. Hello, Raghu, I can't find the link to your blog anywhere so I can't link it, but hello, all the same.

c) Trying to use the phrase "dam of love" somewhere. Let's see, Fiona brushed back her golden locks as she scanned the horizon for Ted, her manly lover. Manly Ted, with his manly arms appeared suddenly, as if out of the blue, and crushed her bosom to his. "Oh, Fiona," he whispered, in his manly, resonant voice, and she felt his manhood press against her thigh. Unable to resist this dam of love (Aha, ahahahahaha. See?) she swooned and fell backwards, when with a move that showed off his manly, yet metrosexual, gymnastic skills, he caught her and kissed her in a paroxym of passion. Very nice. Thank you, Teleute, for the phrase. :)

d) Actually getting around to doing all the tags I'm supposed to, and the one I really want to do, that 30 one, which Tablemannered tagged me for. But I'm just feeling very, um, what's the word, ya, lazy.

e) How I met (well, saw) many members of the Indian cricket team, and really, Rahul Dravid is not that hot in real life. His head is kinda small, compared to the rest of his body, but he has a nice sweet voice, like the boy next door or something. We like Rahul Dravid. He should now give up cricket and do something meaningful, like, um, become the Prime Minister or something. We need a PM with sex appeal.


  1. Errr, cricket is not meaningful enough??! Heh! The sex appeal is why people think that a women of Italian parentage should make it to the top spot!

    BTW I don't think there are nasty men (plural), there is just one nasty man (maybe woman also) who keeps returning in multiple avtaars... and thereby perpetuating the myth that there are many of them. My site tracker tells me there is just one person from a Southern India city!

    Dam of love??! Really!

  2. no ....'and the dam of love was breached, and the yearning of all those years gushed forth, as she abandoned herself to him'...?

    damn love

  3. hey eM, I too comment and have no idea who you *really* my point being that I'm sure there are more than a few of us out there. Which brings me to - who are you *really*?

  4. PrimalSoup : "My site tracker tells me there is just one person from a Southern India city!"

    Don't go by the name I use, it ain't me!

  5. What about male bloggers who rather like your blog but still can't pass up the chance to be funny at your expense (once in a while)? Do we have to wear Fidel Castro hats (wtf ARE they?) before you recognise us?
    My bills at TC could now fund a space mission, and all from hoping to see THE Comp Conf there.

  6. Hey dont u know men just love playing hard-ball with the fairer sex (but only online), once u meet us we'll give that chauvinistic pig a run for his money..

    A promise like that surely entitles a ph-no... ;-)

    Cyber-stalker.. has this word come into the mainstream lingo yet?

  7. "Dam of love"==sounds like the $4 romance novel I picked up at the grocery store last night! A little corny, a little predictable, but wittilly written, none-the-less. (It's a romance novel. That's just how they are.)

    Is "wittilly" a word? And if so, is that how it's spelled? :-P

    Also in said romance novel, main heroine has a stalker. Hopefully all you collect from your repeated soul-baring is a lot of fans! Yikes! Good thing that many of us have no idea who you *really* are! A girl can't be too careful, right?

  8. If you want even one tenth of our lifestyles, will we not seize the moment, kick you in the balls and walk away?

    this is truly a classic.

  9. I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! You're Penny Jordan aren't you?

  10. certainly we need a prime minister with sex appeal... lol
    and a nice voice so that we all get glued 2 da tv screens when ever he speaks

  11. Consider this:

    Overcome by his baser instincts, Ted forgot restraint and gentlemanliness, and grabbed Fiona by her hair extensions, ripping them off in a manly display of the unbridled lust that flowed through his veins - making him feel like a sixteen years old boy again with raging hormones erupting within him like a volcano - rather than the grown man of thirty nine that he actually was. And with that one aggressive act of passion, he breached the last of Fiona's defences. Senseless with the sensual sensations that were scorching her soul, Fiona succumbed to Ted's supreme sexual skills, savouring and glorying in her sweet surrender. Finally the dam of love burst forth, and throwing caution to the wind, they let themselves be swept away by the flood of their fiery passion.
    And nine months later, as she filled out forms at the maternity ward of the Holier Than Thou Saintly Hospital, Sister Margharita exclaimed, "Oh no - not another lovechild!"

    Is that not a nice little story, now?

  12. "We walked on the pavement,
    Talking of love,
    And ahead of us on the street
    A child turned cartwheels"

    Nice. I feel very much like Shahrukh in Darr. :)

  13. You have a stalker?

    Cool. I want one too. Preferably female.

    And hot.

    And dressed in leather.

  14. Who are you? how do so many ppl know you? you famous or something?

    who's penny jordan?

  15. sin: thank you! I tried to tell a friend of mine that, but she nearly beheaded me for slandering her lurver. Dravid, ie.

    primalsoup: hah, woman with italian parentage is no longer sexy. her husband, now, he was a different story and oh, her son is pretty fine too :)

    abe: we should all write for mb's. there's possibly a lot of money in it too.

    b: :) now that's for me to know and for you to find out

    hyde: hmmm, guilty conscience?

    arthur: oh dear, had no idea you went to tc too. but to be fair, i don't exactly wear a big sign with CC on it, you know. how bout next time you go, email me and we shall see whether an introduction can be made? :)

    jhantu: heh. now THAT'S a line I haven't heard before... the promise to be an MCP. :) Full marks for originality.

    scrap: ooh your my mystery search engine person (everyone else see comments for last to last post)! I never thought I'd actually figure out who was searching. Wittily? Wittilly? who can say?

    sphinx: *bows deeply*

    shoe fiend: damn, and here i thought disguising myself as a journalist from delhi would mean i stayed anonymous, but alas you have found me out :)

    preyanca: thank you. the rest of you: see, SOMEONE agrees with me.

    teleute: brilliant, really and not as shady as mine. shows which way our minds are working, huh? :)

    k-k-k-kiran: thanks, but i'm missing the reference here! (to shah rukh, ie, i know the poem coz i wrote it and all that, but i wasn't aware that i had posted it. hmmmm)

    4wd: what stalker? where? i have no stalker.

    mr x: um.. no, not famous, just living in a world of very curious people! Penny Jordan= famous romance writer. :)

    patrix: damn the love, man! this ship's sinking! women and children first! :)

  16. I would vote for Dravid for PM. He's diplomatic as well as cute and that's a cool combination!

  17. ...and waht abt those other male bloggers who are waiting for the next instalment of tattoo snaps????

  18. Oh, so many topics to blog about, so little time. You'll get there. All we ever have, in the end, is time.

  19. Oh no, just plain honesty. Honestly.

    Hard to come by such species today, don't you think?

  20. on point a) hate is only directly proportional to ur popularity ;-)

    b) I still think you might be a guy ( sorry! don't ask why, because i might tell you)

  21. A Castro hat is a standard-issue General Infantry drab olive (non-camo) ventilated water-resistant fatigue cap, manufactured in the Netherlands but made cool by President Non-Elect Fidel Castro, who is accustomed to stylin' it along with bear-beard and cigar. Oh ya, now you remember.

  22. What does "dam of love" mean? Dam can mean a big thing across a river, or the female parent of say a puppy or foal, but can it mean a penis?

    I say no.

    Put a stop to this at once. Hahahaha.

  23. hey

    Well, i just got to know about your blog from a friend as I am desperately hunting (yeah I do mean hunting) for a puppy. I tried to e-mail you but the URL was dysfunctional. I stay with my sister in South Delhi and we are desperately seeking a puppy for adoption. Don't want to buy one coz for me it is a family.
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