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31 July 2007

In which we are all Florence Nightingale-y

I had intended to make this a cheery post--how I don't know--but sometimes fake cheeriness actually motivates you to feel better. Mind over matter, etc. But seeing as I'm writing this from the hospital, it's rather hard to be all upbeat. No, no, relax, I'm fine. It's Mouse. Yesterday she had severe dysentry, which of course being all "polite American" she didn't let me know till like 3 pm. This considering she had been puking since five in the morning, meant she practically fainted in the auto on the way to the doctor, who, wouldn't you know? Was away till 6 pm. So, I took her to the nearest hospital, intending to get her into the Out Patient's Department, but while I was making my enquiries, she nearly fainted again, so we were both packed off to the emergency room. The doctor there seemed more excited with the fact that she was from the US, but after putting an IV on her, was very nice going on in this totally fake American accent about what her "major" was and so on. I would've thought it was amusing at any other time, only just then, as I was standing next to her, I suddenly became completely giddy too. And not just head rush giddy, like about to black out giddy. Good thing I was in an emergency room right? Not so much. I staggered to a stool. the doctor looked at me and said, "Oh, sympathy illness" gave me a glass of water and then said, "Sooooo, what kind of journalism do you do?" Thankfully, he had lost the American accent or I would've bitten him.

Mouse didn't feel up to going home, and they suspected malaria, so I tottered to the admissions desk and got her a room, and they took her up in a wheelchair. By this time I was fine again, only really, really wiped out (I don't know why I've been feeling so fatigued lately, it's really odd. I even stayed in the entire weekend, and my flu is gone, so it's just the cold.) Anyway, so I sat next to her, calmed her down, told her it was okay and called various friends and relatives in the US to keep them updated. Although, again, that is a very weird thing to do, coz you're all like, "Oh, hello, you don't know me, but I broke your daughter." I left to go home and get her some stuff to settle her in for the night, but today she is fine too. Only quite cross that they're not letting her go home till tomorrow.

Anyway, so that was my Monday. Except, oh, almost forgot, I went out with an old friend of mine yesterday, a friend from when I used to participate (briefly) in Delhi's theatre circuit. Bet you didn't know that about me. I'm full of hidden facets. Anyway, so it turned out that a bunch of people we had done theatre workshops and plays with are in Bombay. Of course, the only one from the theatre workshop where we actually met who isn't an actor is me. But I decided in like first year college or something, that I could either do many things mediocrely, or I could focus all my energy on one thing. So I did. I picked writing. I was never going to win an Oscar anyway.

And tomorrow is Sameer's birthday, and August which is a very expensive month for me will begin, bringing with it FIVE birthdays. Luckily, my friends are so scattered, only two will be in Bombay. I hope. But I also owe a lot of birthday presents for July (I really like giving birthday presents, no matter how old the person is, I think everyone should be congratulated for being born) so yeah, August will be tight.

Mouse is reading The God Of Small Things right now, and I'm loving the fact that I have a data card because this is like sooooooooo 21st century, you know? If you're reading this, call me! I'm bored and hungry. (You can't do anything about the hunger part, but you can alleviate my boredom. Everyone should be cheered up while they're in the hospital, even if they're not technically in the hospital. It's a depressing place)


  1. I totally agree hospitals are damn depressing.
    belive me, i know.
    I am a doctor.

  2. They are They are!
    I agreee!!

    mAy mouse get well soon!

  3. "Thankfully, he had lost the American accent or I would've bitten him."

    heheee.. I would have loved to see the doc's rxn, if you would have actually gone ahead with your deadly thought process.

  4. Hope you two get well soon, and we get to see some cheerful posts soon! I don't remember having to deal with as many bouts of viral fevers and mysterious illnesses this time of the year before we moved to Pune; I guess all the tiny virulent creatures vacation in the Mumbai-Pune region during the rains.

  5. So you have your good karma for the week down :)

  6. good to see u sound a leetle bit more cheerful than before...hope the cold's gone soon and Mouse is ok too

  7. but it is sameer's birthday so celebrate we must
    and mouse will have to wait....

  8. Ach!! such a lot of time in the hospital?? It's worse than facing Dementors I guess... but then hope your friend gets well really soon!! And you both are out of that place....
    Now, coming to your boredoma dn hunger... am sorry I can't be of help regarding either... the second you pointed out fairly well... and teh former.. well... i don't have your number.. adn really dunno, how to track down someone's number out of nothing.. so there!! :)
    Cheer up.. am sure you'll be outta there in a jiffy!!

  9. you should pretend to be a snail. then everything will look frantic and 'happening' around you.

    hospital talk sets off thoughts.

  10. Yes yes, I hope Mouse gets better ASAP and all that, but I'm more concerned with August being an expensive month. HINT. And I don't care about the slight problem of different cities :) Just forewarning you.

  11. man that is so weird, i've got like 5 birthdays as of them being T's dad whom I share the same taste in classic rock music.
    I'm thinking gifts for the girlfriend's dad now..ominous signs

    get well soon and a fast recovery for mouse as well. you need to build up that immunity girl.

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