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3 August 2007

Because I heart the internet. But you already knew that

Some general silliness seemed called for. It's one in the morning, and eM is skinnier and uncomfortabler than she was yesterday. Why this? Because it seems Mouse's dysentery was catching, or something. I know, I know, it's not possible to catch dysentery, but I've been so ILL all day, accompanied by violent shivering, blocked ears and the complete and utter lack of desire to pull myself out of bed. (Okay, the last one could be put down to many other factors, including the fact that I'm just plain ol' lazy, but I mean I couldn't pull myself out of bed for long enough to even move to the couch and watch lovely Thursday night television. AND I've completely lost the desire to socialise. If that's not a serious sign, I don't know what is.) Anyhoo, I'm off to see the doctor tomorrow, and go on lovely lovely antibiotics that will clear me up--this is probably my punishment for waving my hand about and going, "Hmph. Americans. They just can't stand this country."--but the good news is, all this sickness has led to complete nonchalance about the other areas of my life, because I'm so busy focusing on how to make it STOOOOOOOOOOP. Ow.

Moving on, here is my little frivolous heart, bared for all to see. I think I'll call it My Internet Addiction. Duh.

You could be my Facebook boy,

You could be my status message,

You could be my late night MSN,

You could be my longest Gmail conversation,

You could be my internet addiction.

You could be my Orkut relationship status,

You could be my tagged photograph,

You could be my Limewire download,

You could be my Stumbleupon stumble,

You could be my internet addiction.

You could be my iTunes most-played,

You could be my Firefox widget,

You could be my Google search,

You could be my Wikipedia wiki,

You could be my internet addiction.

You could be my Blogger compose page,

You could be my last login,

You could be my word verification,

You could be my HTML,

You could be my internet addiction.

IMPORTANT EDIT: My heart is officially broken. Delhi is dead to me. It's the end of an era. Sigh. Oh TC, TC, of memories and of sighs, of madness and kisses by the bathroom, of knowing all the bartenders, of having somewhere to drink till THREE in the morning, of being able to sit by yourself and not be bothered, of meeting everyone I knew in the same place, of growing up.

Does this mean we're all grown up now?


  1. Hmmm....

    Was humming ' You could be my someone . You could be my scene' in the head whilst reading this post.

    Nice collection of internet-addictions btw :) Which is the strongest ?

    and what about the sly checking out the lives of the ex-es on orkut and facebook ? :) do people do that ? do you ? do I ? :)

  2. did somebody give u the evil eye? ur sick AGAIN! hope whatever it is that u have mysteriously disappears. :)

    oh and the poem- lovely.

  3. how? by hacking into your computer?

  4. With sickness, I'll recommend my approach... Ignore it. Really, I have a raging fever right now, probably somewhere above 102, and I'm ignoring it, choosing to focus on the numbing pain in my left thigh and the still asleep left butt cheek from three hour delhi traffic jams due to the rain, and I'm perfectly fine that way, actually able to appreciate ice age 2 at three AM :D

  5. That's two down.

    I felt the same way when they "renovated" the Mezz.

    I hate being grown up.

  6. TC's gone, we are all growing old. Time to stop blogging. This one sucks anyways.

  7. get well soon.. and dats quite a collection of internet addiction!!

  8. Hi, sorry to be making contact on a comment, but this was the easiest way I could think of. I am a journalist and I am doing a story on trolls and online misogyny. A friend of mine put me onto your blog, and I noticed from the previous entry that you have had to deal with the problem. So I was wondering if you would be willing to talk about your experiences with this problem? I am at If you could send me your email id, I'll mail across a few questions that I would be grateful if you could answer for me.
    Thanks... Also, I was wondering if you could put me onto other women bloggers who've faced the same problem?

  9. hmm.... my first visit to ur blog n was gud reading..... loved it....keep penning the awesome confessions...

  10. glad you're better it says so on facebook
    wanted to stop by yesterday
    blame sameer for no show

  11. You must be seriously ill - this was not the kinda confession I love and am used to reading here!


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