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13 March 2007

Healthy, Natural Tasting Biscuits

> So I had like an epiphanic moment Sunday morning. The night before at this girl's BEAUTIFUL flat--I'm talking huge spaces, marvelous view, pink and red walls, oh, most posh, and of course, I spilt my red wine in the first five minutes--we consumed two and a half bottles of wine (naturally, it was not an Old Monk and Coke sort of house) and mouth red I teetered home and the next morning, I get a call from a friend asking whether I wanted to do lunch and blearily I open my eyes and I'm feeling great. No, more than great, I feel FANTASTIC and full of energy and ready to spend a Sunday about town rather than loll around in bed. No hangover. No dehydration. Red wine is now my new drink. I think I will even have a very posh wine and cheese party soon (although the house smells of kitty litter). At twenty five, I have decided to renounce my college cheap days and embrace being a yuppie.

> Although I find it very hard to make my house look all glamourous. It has the potential, sure, it's a good looking house and it doesn't have much furniture, but as soon as I clean up and scatter candles (well, switch on the lamp at any rate) it gets dirty again. There are still cartons of books that we have no space for occupying floor area in my room, which are now serving as general clean laundry dumping area. And our maids are underworked which means they do the laundry EVERY DAY and so no matter how much I fold there's always more things. It's like that dude with the stone, what was his name? Dionysus? I have to now purchase a nice writing table and a swish bookshelf because my books are stacked on my windowsill and are also in danger of toppling over and smothering me in my sleep. Where can I get nice (and yet cheap) furniture in this city? Anyway, I'm resigning myself to being unposh. Some people are born posh, some have poshness thrust upon them and some achieve poshness. I am secret option d: some people will never ever be posh. My room is a mess, the ashtrays haven't been emptied in forever and there are things everywhere. I can't even blame this on the size of places in Bombay, because my room back in Delhi was exactly the same. "Put some things on the balcony," my mother says and I laugh for quite some time on the phone. Sigh. I miss balconies.

> My love life STINKS. It started out so promisingly and yet now it's all fizzled out. Meh. And you wonder why I don't blog more often. Ooooooh, but Celebrity Date Type Thing (part two: the return) is going to be staged tonight. I wonder what I should wear?

> I went to see Dream Girls yesterday, which was only quite nice. They kept breaking into song, I know it was a musical, but Chicago say or Moulin Rouge had songs I'd like to keep listening to. I even watched Chicago twice. The songs in this were rather boring, and there wasn't much of a plot line except that in the end enemities were resolved and everyone was happy, except for the good guy turned bad. The first half is way better than the second half though. Ooh and it has that American Idol chick, Jennifer Hudson. I love the movies though, and I seldom do it often enough.

> Tourist Season has clearly still not ended. I might as well never have left Delhi at all--only, it's odd, but I spend more time with people when they visit Bombay than I ever did when we both lived in the same city. Now, I've got people visiting over the last two weeks of March, and I just had a friend leave this morning. I'm getting into my stride though, with out of town visitors, the first couple of times I ran myself ragged trying to get optimum use of their time, but now I'm much more chilled about it, going about my life. And also, except for like two people, most of them have other friends in Bombay who they're staying with, so it's much more relaxed for all of us.


  1. Something was naggin me when I read your post and I suddenly realised what it was - it's sisyphus who pushed the rock up the hill not dionysus (who is god of wine and revelry.

    Also, your cat rocks...Please tell people who tell you to feed your cat to get their own cats

  2. ohhhh right! sisyphus! thank you muchly :)

    and, yes, as he lies here completely obstructing any comfort i might have reaching the keyboard, i agree he does rock. i'm trying to refrain from blogging about him too much because this is supposed to be about me.

    for everyone else: he is very well-fed thank you, even getting a little fat. i call him motu singh sometimes.

  3. For the furniture, try Oshiwara - it's like the Janpath of furniture. You have to have a lot of patience and be willing to bargain A LOT though.

  4. Didn't harry potter have a stone too? :p

    I like the cat... having had a puppy grow into babbar sher, I notice his paws are too big for the rest of him... which means he's growing... maybe that's why some people thought he's underfed?

  5. My sympathies about the Sisyphean labour. We live through it too.

    But your tags for this post ... 'houseWIFE'? Excuse me?


  6. houseperson then?
    it was supposed to be ironic, symbolic type label given that i am anything but. :)

    oh and rohini: thanks for oshiwara tip-off. i get there how?

    renovatio: his paws are indeed huge. at the moment he is sulking because i've yelled at him for nipping my ankles. tough love, baby, tough love,

  7. Hey, unless you've built yourself a time-machine, you probably need to correct the date on this post. It is currently dated Dec 3, 2007.

  8. em...who the celebrity is??? tell tell......

  9. Get onto SV Road at Bandra and keep going till you get to Jogeshwari and then ask. It's on the main road and hard to miss - lots and lots and lots of poky little furniture shops.

    The other thing is that you need a bit of imagination. Some of the pieces may not look immediately great but can really turn around with a fresh coat of polish, which they will do for you.

  10. this post was lackluster.

    red wine is good. white wine is better. await for my return lovely and we shall spend many a wee afternoons marinating in nicely chilled pinot grigiot. the italian kind not the american bastardized version. pinot gris. and no i haven't learnt any of this from sideways. :)

    do tell how the date type thingie went.

  11. You'd rather take a train upto Jogeshwari and then get onto SV Road, mighty traffic snarls all along the way. Of cours if you pick something up you'll have to take the road back, in that case give SV road a skip and take the Link road, quicker.

  12. All the best for Celebrity Date Type Thing :)

    Do let us know how it goes :)


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