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29 January 2008

Epiphanies and "winter"-- Bombay, January 2008

* Not very much to write about this week, really. I've been going out quite a bit, but that's not really new. I've been bonding with Lali (Yamini is out of town) but that's not a surprising development. I'm very broke, but I'm so used to that, I think if I actually had money, I'd be surprised. Ooh, I've been doing a lot of thinking in the sphere of Relationships and so on. Does that count? I think it does. But, then again, I haven't come to any major conclusions. In fact, I haven't even come to a basic conclusion: do I or do I not want to be in a relationship right now? The part of me that's all lonely and has no one to cuddle with says yes, of course I do. But then my practical side (I have a practical side. Who knew?) takes over and I think of all the work I have to do and with book things happening and so on, do I really have the time to be able to focus on one person? Do I want to focus on one person just as things are taking off for me? Won't that be just unnecessarily tying myself down? I don't know. The jury's still out on that one. As for my ever-growing period of celibacy, I've learnt zen.

* Wow, maybe I am growing up. Oh, wait, maybe that means I'm ready to date after all. Um.. no. Whatever. I'm going to just shove my head in the sand some more.

* I went to see Susheela Raman singing at Blue Frog yesterday. I really like her stuff. And we had a hip flask, so frequent loo breaks were happening. But, BUT, she didn't play the ONE song we went to hear! Yeh Mera Deewanapan Hai from her album Love Trap and from The Namesake OST. Dude, Susheela, you let us down. Even after we yelled it out also. Hmph. That's like Coldplay coming to town and not singing Yellow or something. Oh, and people turned to me and were all like, "Do you understand what she's saying?" and I'm all no, because she's singing in TAMIL and South India is not one huge generic mass and there are actually distinct LANGUAGES. (Not that I know much Telugu or Malayalam, but I could have taken an educated guess there)

* Since this is clearly a time of concerts, next weekend, I'm going to watch Iron Maiden with Crowley. I'm more excited about the Iron Maiden after party that we're going to, but I guess I should listen to some of the music before I party up with the band, eh?

* Sooooooooooooooo, we now have winter. In Bombay! My one bargaining point in the Delhi versus Bombay debate has been taken away from me. Yesterday, the temperature was TEN POINT FIVE degrees. Wow. Now all they have to do is get a better road system in place and well, I'll have nothing to say anymore. Yesterday with the wind in my face and the sea in high tide looking lovely and picturesque (ignoring, of course, the man doing susu off the pier) I was filled with well being and happiness. I do love this city.

* My friend Damien is looking for a flatmate here, in Andheri West preferably. Email me if you're interested and I'll pass on his phone number. He's okay with either sex, but he'd prefer if he had someone on the neater side, if you know what I mean. Good thing we're not shacking up, eh?

I'll go now, to warm my fingers somewhere. Tsk, one year and already I'm a wuss about winter.


  1. 10.5 in mumbai??? you gotta be kidding.. well its been quite cold here at pune to.. so much so that my feet hurts and I haven't felt that since i left sikkim 3 yrs back!!! i love such low temperatures!!! :D
    as for relationships, take it easy girl... if somethings gotta happen,it happen!! :)

  2. Yeah. The weather's getting pretty weird round these parts. Went below 8 last night in Pune.

    And I hate it too, the way ppl think the south is just all about Tamil and idlis. Sheesh

  3. i think it was 10.5 at dawn. the rest of the day seemed to be at a very comfortable 26. or so i read.

    im envious that u get to party with Iron Maiden. Please DO go lissn to their songs. Theyre not the best in the lyrics department bt what they with a guitar and some double bass is incred.

  4. Hilly areas of Kerala is rivaling Delhi in cold.......May be it is time for Kalki's entry....

  5. What nonsense, I spent New Year in the hilly areas of Kerala, and I was sweating like the proverbial fucking pig. Horrible, it was. Delhi on the other hand is too cold for comfort, 4.5 degrees to your 10.5. All very well for a bit, but when you don't own a room heater, your toes and fingers tend to go a leetle bit numb.

    I thought Bombay's roads were better than many of Delhi's, actually. Think the Saket colony roads, think most roads in North Campus. Think that fucking Bus Rapid Transit system...

    You're going to party with Iron Maiden??? Since you don't even like their music much, PULEEZE can I go instead??

    Book coming when?

  6. How much of an effort is it to write a book? (Not that I'm ever going to write one, unless it is about taxation law in Andhra Pradesh or something, but generally curious...)

  7. reading your blog is such a relief, i wish u write here everyday :) ..... reg relationships, goin thru pretty much the same n thinkin a 'lot', i can say tht u shd relax n have patience young lady, i know it is difficult ..... perfect song on your 'pimping this week' .... on loop on my playlist since yesterday, do post more of such good songs ..... n keep writing, u know ppl are lovin it!

  8. I watched the show on NDTV, and read through your blog. You are trying so hard to be uber-cool and nonchalant, that its actually funny. If your book's gonna be anything like your blog, I'm not going to be reading it anytime soon. Loosen up your gray cells babe!

  9. Were you at Blue Frog again last night? I thought I saw someone that looked like you. But given that I've only seen you on TV, I wanted to confirm

  10. sam: i agree. this live and let live policy has been mine too for a while, but i'm so BORED of waiting! sigh.

    therefore i am: it's warmer now, thankfully. a nice sunny day, and last night wasn't TOO cold either.

    firefoxcub: heh. all hail crowley! and yes, i have some of their songs on my itunes, which i've been listening to off and on just to, like, get in the mood. :)

    silentkiller: or global warming, perhaps?

    perakat: ah, yes, but once all the high capacity buses and all are actually ON the road, everything should be fine. can you imagine them putting in a lane for high speed buses here? people would laugh. hah, they'd say, hah. and no, the concert was promised to me. :) i like live music. book's out in april, inshallah.

    aandthirtyeights: it depends. i guess it varies from person to person. if you're asking me, personally, a lot of fucking effort. :)

    enigma: awww, thank you! i was getting zero feedback for my link pimping thing, so i thought no one was reading it! and yes, i will totally put music in more often.

    anon: oh no, i lost a reader. whatever shall i do? oh, and don't call me babe.

    han: yes it was! with the diana ross hair and the stripy top chugging vanilla vodka and coke by the bar. for the french film party, right? you should've said hello.

  11. it is damn cold here now.. i am a converted bombayite/mumbaikar whichever way you call, been here almost 3 years now!
    my flatmates have started dressing formally at home (socks, jeans and all) and my mom keeps scolding me for not taking sweaters and all!

  12. dude!iron maiden party!kickass!and the whole south indian thing bums me off too....and abt not being in a relationship,enjoy the singledom...these are the years to live for!wat will be ur book called btw?

  13. ah well... went thru that phase to be honest.. adn den one fine day things happened.. and since then there has been no looking back.. been a year now!!

  14. What so you mean-NOT one generic mass?????????
    but I thought everybody was a

  15. I thought you were with your boyfriend there, so I didn't want to intrude.

  16. eM you have a boyfriend? Now this post has me confused. Enlighten! A small part of my heart is sad.

  17. hmmm... li'l 'eM by the speakers, listening to Bruce Dickinson belt out, 'HELL AIN'T A BAD PLACE....' Hahahaha.... just to get in the mood!!! You crack me up sometimes! We'll see you there, eh...


  18. what boyfriend? i don't have a boyfriend! if i HAD a boyfriend, i'd be blogging about him. hmph.
    i was with a close guy FRIEND that night though, so maybe that explains it?

  19. "HELL IS FROM HERE TO ETEERNIITYYYYYYYY".....hehehehe...keep a neck brace handy, eM dear ;)

  20. I recently came across your blog and im finding it a really interesting read. Is it true your having a book published?

    I've added you to my blog role :)

    Keep up the good work!

    Indian Rose x

  21. Susheela performed in Bombay?! Oh, we love her very much. Is she coming down to Bangalore? Any idea?
    Yeh Mera Deewanapan is a beauty, it sure is. In fact, all songs of Salt Rain and Love Trap are ooh.

    This blog's mighty good, by the way. (But then, that goes without saying.)

  22. Em
    have good Vodka.. find ur hobson's choice-enemy and feel how to kill a Python in cushion waves????????????..This is only reply/solution frm me....i hav wrttn a Strong poem..just for a not yet posted wud post tmrw????????????

  23. 10.5 in must have been record of sorts there ;-)...In pune too, it is chilling cold, especially in outskirts..

  24. Noo..Noo..Dont have a boyfriend!Just when i am wakin up to your charms and decidin to ask you out!!:-(

    Oh,Flashback.2 Days back:Trvndrm airport.Yours truly is checked in an hour early (courtsey paranoid mother who kicks one outta home 2 hours before a flight)and generally tryin to poke long nose into neighbour's business sees "Compulsive Confessor" blogpage et all faithfully reproduced on mallu mag's( Grihalakshmi, I think) backpage...pokes nose deeper. Neighbour( 40ish, mundu clad and clearly straightjacket)turns around, hmmphs and thus it began. 20 Mins of harangue about the depravity & all such maladies that abounds women who live outside Kerala and how they need marriage RIGHT NOW!!) We deemed it fit to inform him that she's on TV n all,what the hell, she's famous and famous is cool:-)That prompted the amicable conclusion that " Poor girl, she's doing all this to get rich husband via publicity and we split, after smoking the peace Wills ( I bummed one off him:))in the cozy confines of the loo..

    Thanks Em..What would one do for entertainment at far-flung airports, if one didnt know you? And just when one thinks of buying you a cuppa to cement the bond, you wanna take all the joy away by going with strange men to coloured froggy places? Not fair, I say!!

    P.S.Cute nose ring:-)

    P.S.P.S. This was written 24 hours back,as usual i forgot to send it)when you still hadnt published your categorical disclaimer( hic!), but what the hell, I'm still postin it:-)

  25. tchah, Best one by Susheela so far (I think) is "Sakhi Maro"
    Did she sing that atleast?

    Hey btw :D

  26. Whew.. I came referred by the show on NDTV. Frankly I am disappointed by your posts as well as your readership. But well, like someone once posted on my blog ... this is your space... where you get to play God! Enjoy.


    PS: The bit about the after concert party was especially low... but then you're just 26 by your admission. I guess these things do matter a lot!!! Enjoy! While it lasts

  27. Hi!
    I was just searching for tattoo parlours in Delhi, and up pops your blog as the very first link. The name intrigued me, and the contents of this blog have me hooked!

    Seriously, it's like a 'saas-bahu' story without all the 'saas' and 'bahus'! Great work. The serial-style entries are a novel idea.
    Keep it up!

  28. You are brave really... brave hats off 2 more abt from a malayalam journal... and can i ask you one more thing ..r u as frank in your real life...

  29. asks the girl in the iron maiden t-shirts during her college years to the girl in the pink bambi clothes, how was the concert?



    head over heels in love with the city
    now all ur stuff makes sense :P

  31. wow~~~sounds like your hibernating~~~


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