15 April 2008

You know summer's here when...

.. you write poetry bemoaning your lack of a love life to a mythical person who may not even exist. But still, I quite like this. Not quite poetry, not quite prose.

Love me wordlessly.

Love me with hot moistness under a noisy fan.

Love me so that I am without language, without communicating.

Love me so I am silent.

Love me so I am loud.

Love me at the pit of my belly and the dent of my back.

Love me into knots.

Love me into a straight line, toes unfurled.

Love me with Blake and Eliot and cummings.

Love me especially with cummings.

Love me so that I forget.

Love me so that I remember.

Love me into you, crawled into the space between your lungs, beating.

Love me into smoke, vapours, thin air.

Love me into thick air and fire, so I explode into flames.

Love me.

(And a little later today, the first (and perhaps the only!) installment of I Can Give People Advice. Stay tuned.)


  1. After the love, am waiting for the advice :-)

  2. nice :) i always like the greyness between poetry and prose.

  3. nice poem lil eM. Really nice.

  4. how long since last got laid?

  5. i read your previous poems and thot u were way better with prose but this one made me change my mind....good one!

  6. not bad for somebody who writes prose....guys... imagine this as a video by j lo or beyonce and it gets even better

  7. It made nice reading first, but when I re-read it, I felt that it plainly shows you are yearning for sex! Go, get a life!! And, what happened to the advice??

  8. i like... a lot...

    (i'm ellipses-obssessed)

  9. Where is the advice post? I was looking forward to a good read lol

  10. Em

    To your Silent Partner?..

    or Silent movement or Renaissance..which?/

    Certainly need advice

  11. And ... do you still think that you can get all desired love in this selfish world !!!

  12. i like your views and by d way nice greyness btw prose and poetry

  13. Nice.. But dammit, you've now made me yearn for my boyfriend who is in Chennai - 2095 kilometers away.. (just googled it!) :(

  14. I'm usually pro-rhyme, but this was lovely.. And yes, "love me especially with cummings" strikes a chord..

  15. loved it absolutely! :) you are just awesome with words :)

  16. awesome...am a first time visitor here...will come back...and, I completely agree...


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