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17 July 2008

The Post Where We Shamelessly Plug Ourselves In The Hopes Of Rising Royalties

So post Goa recovery this week was enhanced by a visit from the mother, who stayed for a nice long five days, tut-tutted at my general disorganisation, met JC and argued happily about world issue type things over coffee, came to school with me to watch me in 'action', and took me along to two parties--one, afternoon and drunken, one, nighttime and not so drunken.

We--JC and I--also did many, many, many birthday parties this last weekend (and one tomorrow!). What's with everyone being born in July? A little backwards calculation tells me that nine months ago was October, which means what? Diwali? Slight nip in the air? A time for a little rumpy-bumpy? I was born in December, the only sensible month to be born in--and I was conceived therefore, in March, springtime in Delhi, and Holi. (Ohhhhhhhh, now I get it.)

But this post is actually a post with a purpose. The book is out next month as everyone knows (and if you don't, hi! I have a book coming out!) and the dudes at Penguin are doing this online campaign (aren't I posh?). To read the first chapter, before the book comes out, go to the Penguin website, become a member of the Penguin Club and you will be emailed a part of *ahem* my magnum opus on August 1. (It's free, by the way.)

And while I'm on shameless promos, there's a bit of a contest going on as well. YOU confess, *I* comment. Fun, no? And the five best entries get a signed copy of the book (hang on to it, you can sell it on eBay in a couple of years and make lots of money). This stuff will be up on another blog (URL later), I'll choose the best emails to go as posts every day, and you can choose to be anon as well. (You can specify in your emails that you don't want to be named, although you should leave your contact details so you can be mailed a copy of the book.) Think stuff like sex and drugs and rock and roll. It could even be a problem you have that you want general feedback on.

Click here to email. I know, and I hate writing it like that as well, but a) I don't know what to do to make mail links look like URLs you can click on and b) I don't want spam troll people. (Edit: thanks to techie boyfriend, all sorted now.)
Lalalalalala... I can't stop singing I Just Can't Wait To Be King. So exciting, all this! Everyone should totes write a book, I recommend it highly.


  1. Congratulations eM!
    Following your blog for a while now (and commenting anonymously once in a while), and while the content and style of your writing has certainly varied, your quality and commitment have not.
    I hope the book continues in the same vein.
    Looking forward to buying it when it comes out.

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  3. Type in '' inside a link (i.e. the 'a href')tag.

    e.g. Click Here To Email

    Click on "view source" on this page to see how I did it. It doesnt seem to be working though because blogger is removing the 'mailto' from the line after I post the comment.

    :D Hope it helps and best of luck for the book.


  4. oops, that mailto: is just once, not twice and yes, blogger removes that when I post this as a comment but you should be able to get it working in your normal post.


  5. No no-- it's November that everyone was born in. July is just a pretender.

  6. Go Meena! Go Meena! Uh-huhuh.. Go MEena.. WOOHOOO =p

  7. btw, your not called Meena are you? :| Why? :||

  8. me too was thinking about so many friends budday in july(courtesy orkut)...diwali or thalai diwali seems to be a good explanation.


    any comments eM

  10. All signed up at Penguin. And I hope one of those sites listed at Penguin can ship the book overseas. Can't wait for the book!

  11. This cat/book/blah blah stuff sucks.
    Can we have more posts on Blow Jobs please ?

  12. i dont want the first chapter/teaser.
    i'll hopefully buy it on my next trip to mumbai.inshallah!
    and maybe i can be the fan from pakistan whose book you'll personally autograph.
    *will attempt to pull strings so as not to have to send in*

  13. loved the last post :) so fun and dil chahta hai types (darjeeling limited was bizarre to the point of being ridiculous)

    I would love to write a book, but whatever about?

    I better be invited to the book launch!

  14. Hey eM I've got some secrets to for you-who knows they might shock even you! I really hope they make it up on the blog, that'd be cool!

    Have signed up with Penguin, can't wait to read the first chapter! Great blog eM, keep up the good work! :-)

  15. Hi Em,

    Have been following ur blog regularly for a while, but never find a reason to comment.

    This seems to be a good one.
    Congr8ts. All the best for the release.

  16. Ooh... congrats! Here's to lots of launch-type excuses to drink at your publisher's expense (do pop by Chennai!) :)

  17. I just can't wait to be king, :) Funny thing you are.

  18. Actually, I think the July babies are there not so much because of the festival season as much for the wedding season. You know, women in our country still get pregnant right after they get married. And that's usually in winters!

  19. Hey eM, I saw you on Lounge for the first time yesterday and I had just read your last post before the programme! Was so happy to finally put a face to you! I don't knw what Anil was talking about...he said what kind of losers read ur blog...I read it, everyone reads it :)I love your blog and I can't wait to read your book. - Vanita

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  21. Hi Em. Me too in July...ooh 3 decades! Yup, wanna grab a copy of it, the moment it's out. All the best.

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  23. Read this:
    - article title why we love men

    may be you'll find it interesting

  24. Congrats, finally! Lucky YOU!

  25. Hey eM who do I email with my confessions? Can we ask you about your life too?

  26. wow u have a ook coming out.. that must be soo exciting!!!! Good luck..

  27. To the anonymous poster asking where to send the confessions, simply email them here:

    And yes, you can ask eM about her life too!

  28. The link does not seem to work in blogger but if you copy that email address and send us your confession/question we will receive it-there have been quite a few already!

  29. Where exactly are the sex scenes ? How many boys does she have sex with every day or night ? Can anybody give em the link to the posts


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