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4 January 2010

The last dregs of 2009: a pictorial recap

Feeling minimalist today just back from my holiday, so am going to offer you pictures and fewer words as my Goa recap. Happy New Year!

My drink of choice. I don't do drugs which seem to be a prerequisite for anyone wanting to party late in Goa, but vodka-Red Bull gives you quite a kick and keeps you awake till whenever. Plus, usually about two or three of these is all I need, so really, I don't get very drunk.

We were staying at Anjuna beach, former home of the hippies, now completely touristified, sadly. Last year, the only good thing that came out of the terrorist attacks was a relatively empty beach, this year Anjuna was full to overflowing, and that meant a dirty beach with beer bottles and cigarette butts everywhere. Next time, I'm travelling to Goa, I'm going to stay at Ashvem or something. The sunsets, however, were glorious, no matter where we were.

But really, when you have your boyfriend and a piece of chicklit, any holiday is perfect. It was really nice having my first New Year's in forever with someone, and Goa is so romantic even during party season. JC and I got in some bonding and lovering, which, even if you've been dating a year and a half like we have, is always nice to have.

On New Year's Eve, a friend bought our entire table flashing red devil's horns. Partly for fun, and partly because the seller brought along his daughter, the teeniest Santa I have ever seen. We had sea food at a shack called Janet and John, marvelled at the cheap prices, then rang in the New Year next door at a shack called Cafe Lilliput. If what you're doing at midnight is indicative of what you're doing the rest of the year, then I'm happy--surrounded by people I love with the moonlight and the waves in the background.

Ashvem beach is a lot more crowded than it was two years ago and decidely posher (and therefore more expensive) than any other beach. We went to a shack called Club Fresh which had some uninspired but attractive dancers and a fancy French restaurant called La Plage. The best part about Ashvem is the sea, which is shallow for miles and offers great swimming. I even managed to float on my back, which is something I can't normally do in the sea. JC and his friend rented scooters to get us there and man, that was a scary trip, because neither of them had ridden a scooter before. By the end of it, my bottom was completely sore and JC kept yelling at me to sit still and not fidget. Have you ever been on a Kinetic scooter? Those things are hard to get comfortable on!

One of my favourite photos from the whole trip, moonlight on the waves and a friend walking into the distance. I think this summed up the whole trip, the late night walks (and we walked a lot, which is good, because I find myself skinnier at the end of this holiday than I've ever been). Ah, Goa. I love it so. I'm becoming quite an old Goa hand and it was so worth it, even if we had to take the day train back and forth (12 hours) because our reservations were screwed up and even if on the way back we had to get on the sleeper compartment (madness). I think Goa is my soul holiday destination. January 2nd marked three years in Bombay and as I look around me, I'm glad I made it so long.


  1. Those are some well-kept fingers! You should see my cuticles :(

  2. Of all the things, the finger was what got the comment? Tut Tut. Great start to the new year though! Cheers :)

  3. This Sunday's Times carried your snap alongside Shehnaaz Hussain and other celebs. You seem to be going places, Goa is just one of them

  4. Last pic is really amazing.

  5. If what you're doing at midnight is indicative of what you're doing the rest of the year, then I'm going to be crying all year long. Unfortunately, they weren't even tears of joy :O

    The last two pictures are really good. :)
    I'm so jealous!! I wanna go to Goa with loved ones too!!!! What a way to start your year.

  6. Hmm...see ya enjoyed!...poor me was in Train for whole new year night :(...
    Goa is next in ma list too!

  7. awwwww ... made me remember my Goa holidays in years gone by. I could really do with a bit of Goa air to warm my bones right now! I spent my holidays mostly in sub-zero temperatures, brrrrrrr. Happy New Year!!!

  8. Goa seems to be one of the kind...nice pictures though!!!

  9. i can see nude people in the second picture.

  10. some real good pimages..and i think those were very illustrative of the good time you had!!
    i have been travelling quite a lot lately..but somehow goa gets missed out...this year hopefully, im gonna go there!!

  11. Just stumbled across your blog & I have to tell you, it is so engaging, please keep writing. Happy New Year & Vodka-Redbull all the way :)

  12. 'eM,
    The review you requested is up at Ask and Ye Shall Receive.

  13. Thank you all for your kind comments! I always appreciate people saying nice things about my photos, because it's so very new to me that it's nice to see that I'm going in the right direction.

    And *sigh* whoever's been repeatedly submitting my blog to this review site, let me save you the trouble---blah blah blah, self absorbed, shallow, picture of a middle finger on fire + two stars.
    Bas now, no?

  14. Nice pics eM, love the last one. hope you had great time.

  15. The thought of inter-lacing the writeup with pics is very interesting.

    The narrative,however,is the cherry topping. Nice post.

  16. Creativity dwells in many ways in a person.. & in u it dwells in the form of clear writing skills..n now photography!!
    Sure that new camera is doing wonders to ur sense of imagery n taste..Keep it up n all d best for the year ahead.

  17. Loved the second pic. Last pic was wasn't visible so cudnt view it properly.

  18. Good lord, so much has changed in these parts. You are now a photographer too?!
    And, hello!

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  20. Love the blog. It's like reading a chicklit. :)



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