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5 June 2010


Since the trolls decided to come out and play again (this is what happens when you leave a post of such a personal nature up for too long unsupervised) I thought it was high time I changed the subject.

But first, you guys are awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your words of support and encouraging comments. I hope that JC and I will work things out, but I’m glad to know that you think I can do it on my own even if things don’t go the way I hope.

Anyway. On to more cheerful things. Such as things I’ve been doing recently. Despite the heat and my discovery of a brand new show (Greek! About college life and fraternities and sororities, and so awesome!), I have managed to be quite social recently. So, okay, back in January, I, very excitedly, bought myself a planner. Like, to keep track of things and stuff. Only I never had enough things for me to actually forget things, if you know what I mean. Therefore, said planner (brown leather with a clasp) languished on my desk for a while, collecting dust. And then, I went to England. And there EVERYone was all like, “Ooh, let me check my diary” and I really wanted a diary, just so I could say, “Ooh, let me check my diary.” So, on my return, I dragged out my planner and started putting things into it, even random shit, like, “Meet A. for coffee, 4 pm, JATC”. What do you know? The planner started to fill up, and before I knew it, I was actually saying, “Ooh, let me check my diary.” Win! Now I have meetings, appointments, errands and drinks with friends all recorded neatly and clearly for me to look back on when I’m old.

One of the things recorded for Thursday night of this last week, is a dinner party I want to tell you about. I subscribe to this awesome blog called Brown Paper Bag (and if you live in Bombay, you should have a look and then you, like I, will wonder what on earth we did before this site existed). Anyway, so the chicks at BPB are very cool, and as part of their coolness they have this event they call ‘Turning Tables’, where a chef comes to someone’s house and cooks and you can sign up, and you’re basically at a dinner party with twenty people you (hopefully) have never met before.

I’m having a bit of a hard time meeting new people these days, also, I went into hermit mode after, you know, the whole break up thing, and so I was a little nervous about attending. On the other hand, I figured as I walked out of the door that it might be just what I need to get back on the social horse, so to speak. (Aside: my mother is in town and so have been spending a lot of time having my life organised, in the way that mothers do.) I had been contemplating offering them my house the next time they had one of these dos, but then I walked into this MASSIVE apartment on Pali Hill—all beautifully decorated with a kitchen the size of my living room, and well, I decided against it.

Meeting 16 random strangers (it turned out Bandra’s smaller than I thought and I knew four people when they walked in) was actually one of the more exhilarating moments of my week. I made conversation, I discovered all sorts of things that I hadn’t know before, I got to answer (finally!) “who” I was wearing. (Answer: Dress from Sarojini Nagar, belt from Bhutan, bag from Hill Road, shoes from Linking Road) and the wine flowed and the food (the chef was from Valhalla) was awesome. Good times.

And THIS, boys and girls, is my new book, now available for pre-ordering from all sorts (link was bad, so replaced with the link here.) of places. Also, my friend Arti has organised a contest over at Friends Of Books. Basically, you write a list of things you love(d) or hate(d) about being a teenager, submit it, the best three lists win an autographed copy of my new book OR if you’re in Bombay, I’ll take you out for coffee and a chat. Fun? Fun. Contest ends on June 15th, so hurry!


  1. Wouldn't you find it easier to use your phone calendar as a diary? Why bother carrying around an extra thing?

    Congrats on 2nd book. When does tour etc start?

  2. Hey this is unfair. I waited for your book so long while I was in India and now its come out when I am away...sob, sob, sob

  3. Oh shoot the damn trolls! Nice to see a peppy post :)

  4. Dude, the cover is so cute! I hope the book sells faster than you can say eM ;)

  5. Love the new book and the cover is uber cool :) Ah, about the trolls.. Screw them!

  6. Yay! new book! cover is brilliant BTW.When is book-reading in Delhi gonna happen? and Samit is also releasing a book right?

  7. It's nice to see you getting back to your usual peppy self!! Congratulations on the new book, can't wait to read it. Wish I were in India and could buy a copy off a bookshelf, or hang on..probably you should send me an autographed!! All the luck to you :)

  8. Hey nice to see u up and about again :D I have to wait till September when I go home,to read your book :(

    Ya I knw, I never could keep a diary myself, but I see ppl carrying it about and saying "lemme chek my diary" ALL THE TIME :P

  9. Another book? Whoa!! I like authors :)

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  12. cheers! cheers!
    on the book, on the high spirits, on the organising. good to have you back. :-)

  13. Congrats on ur second book!

    Hope it wil be as gud as (or better than) the first ... So, its leave out bad things and go about life again, huh?

    Enjoy... Hope to read ur book soon :)

    Btw, which one was the troll-ish comment? I actually read each one, but didnt find anything trollish... Have u turned neurotic?

  14.'s another feather in your cap now! Congratulations for your mention in Vogue!! Yippee for you :D

  15. I'm tempted to prepare the list. But I'm ALSO pissed off that I never got my free copy the last time.

  16. I am SO going to get myself a planner!

    And congrats and the new book! The cover looks very cute. I hope you're doing a book tour or something in which you come to Bangalore. And I'm a listomaniac.

  17. Congrats on the new book ...and daymn the trolls who needs them..

  18. Oy! Talking of lists can you please post a list of your all time favourite songs? I can't help noticing that your taste in music is fantabulous - in your books, in your blog. So pretty please? With a cherry on the top? *flutters eyelashes* :P

    Yay! I'm going to go out and purchase it the day it comes out! And as R said! Please come to Bangalore!!


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